Benzylpenicillin potassium salt of penicillin g sodium intramuscularly inject in a vein, under the skin or into the peritoneal or pleural cavity. These substances can be produced in the form of eye drops or aerosols. Sodium salt enter only endolyumbalno. For injection under the skin or into the muscles the solution is do with 1% novocaine.
Benzylpenicillin procaine salt use in the form of a slurry, prepare it with isotonic sodium chloride solution or sterile water for injection. The drug enter once a day, only intramuscularly.
A suspension of procaine penicillin salt with a water soluble akmolina also enter intramuscularly once a day. It comes in 2 vials that must be mixed according to instructions, and stored at room temperature.
Drug long-acting is 1 bitsillin, his prick in diseases that are caused by susceptible to penicillin pathogens. Prepare a suspension with isotonic sodium chloride solution or sterile water for injection. Drive only intramuscularly, making sure that the needle you do not hit a vein. The drug is administered no more frequently than once a week.
Bitsillin 3 is a mixture of equal parts sodium or potassium salt benzylpenicillin, and procaine salts and bitsillina 1. Colitis it every 3 days or 1 time a week. Bitsillin 5 is a mixture consisting of 1 bitsillin and procaine salt, enter it intramuscularly.
Dentists are allocated from the total number of penicillins by the fact that he does not destroy the acidic environment of gastric juice, and it gives you the opportunity to take him inside.
Epicillin can selectively accumulate in the lung tissue. Inject it intramuscularly once a day, prepare a suspension with a solution of novocaine.
Semisynthetic penicillins, such as oxacillin and methicillin also enter by intramuscular injection, prepare solution with sterile water for injection. Oxacillin can be taken in capsules. Also ampicillin is a semisynthetic penicillin, has a wide range of actions and taken in tablets.