Advice 1: Cocktail recipes with Bacardi black

Dark rum Bacardi BlackBacardi black) is a strong alcoholic beverage, an excerpt of which is at least 4 years. This rum has a rich brown color and unique aroma of tropical fruit, plum, apricot and banana. Bacardi black leaves a pleasant aftertaste with a light vanilla and woody notes. Bacardi black is often used in the preparation of cocktails
Dark rum Bacardi gives the cocktails a pleasant fruity-woody flavor.
Dark rum goes well with fruit juices and sodas, which is why it is indispensable for the preparation of various cocktails. Such drinks prefer to drink people who don't like too strong alcohol, because other ingredients (juice, soda, coconut milk, energy) reduce the degree of the Roma.

There are a huge number of cocktails, including Bacardi black, but the most popular are the following.

Bacardi Black c Cola

This cocktail has only two components: dark rum "Bacardi" and coke. By the color of the drink is the color of cold black tea.

Tall glass first you need 2/3 to fill a large crushed ice. Then pour 40 ml of Bacardi, and the rest is free space to fill Coca-Cola. You can decorate the glass of bright colored straw, an umbrella and a slice of lemon or lime.

"Pina colada with dark rum

This is a very unusual cocktail a different taste from the classic "Pina Colada" more astringency and a slight bitterness. For its preparation you will need: 170 ml Bacardi black, 220 ml coconut liqueur and pineapple juice to taste. The more juice, the less will be the fortress of the obtained beverage.

First, in a blender mix the rum, coconut liqueur and pineapple juice, then to top of ice is added and mixed again. When the ice completely dissolved, poured into a cocktail glass and decorated with slice of pineapple.

Cocktail "Badminton"

This cocktail belongs to the category "short drinks", i.e. drink, drink in one gulp. For one serving of the cocktail you will need 20 ml rum Bacardi black, 30 ml cranberry juice, and 20 g of fresh pineapple.

In a pile filled with rum, then cranberry juice to the top. The stack is crowned with a slice of pineapple, which is recommended to have a snack consumed in one gulp the drink.

Hot cocktail with dark rum and coffee

This warming drink perfect for winter evenings. The ingredients you will need: 30 ml Bacardi black, 14 ml brandy 120 ml coffee, 2 sugars and a slice of lemon.

All the ingredients (except the lemon) pour into a small saucepan, which is held on low heat before heating the mixture. After that a hot drink is poured into glasses for Irish coffee and decorated with lemon slice.

Energy "Bacardi"

To prepare this drink you will need: 30 ml dark rum, 20 ml absinthe, 20 ml syrup grenadine syrup, no more than 100 ml of any energy, a little lime juice and a slice of refined sugar. Of dishes required a glass, a shot glass and a saucer.

At the bottom of the saucer filled with lime juice and syrup "grenadine", in the centre it is placed a piece of sugar to give the drink its sweetness. In the first poured glass of absinthe and rum, then mixed, and one third of the mixture is poured onto the sugar. After that, the sugar is ignited for 5 seconds, and on the saucer poured the rest of the mixture of rum and absinthe. The glass turned bottom down, and they served sugar. All actions must be carried out very quickly. When the fire goes out, the inner part of the glass fill liquid. A glass is raised and it is poured to the top energy.

Advice 2: How to drink cocktail "Pina colada"

Advice 3: How to drink Bacardi - recipes

Rum is one of the most popular beverages in the West. There are many variations of rum, but they can not compete with Bacardi. This drink goes well with other in the composition of numerous cocktails, but it can be used in pure form.
How to drink Bacardi - recipes
Pour the rum on special glasses, the volume of which does not exceed 50 ml. is allowed to use wide glasses. It is important that the walls were not too thick. The glass is made to fill only one-third of the volume.
Warm Bacardi before you start tasting. It is for this reason necessary glasses made of thin glass. Usually just a few minutes to ensure that the rum had warmed up to an appropriate drinking temperature.
Do not drink the drink in one gulp. Before you take a SIP of rum, inhale its delicious aroma, let him slowly fill you with my noble elegance. Feel how the body poured pleasant languor. Once your sense of smell will be satisfied - proceed to the absorption of rum. Before each SIP, don't forget to inhale the fragrance. Then take some of the drink in your mouth and hold it there for several seconds, then swallow.
Can drink Bacardi, not only independently, but also with appetizers. The taste of rum goes perfectly with lean meats.
Drink Bacardi (if needed) juices or plain water. Most suitable orange and pineapple. Rum pairs perfectly with hot chocolate.

Fill with two shots of 30 ml of peach juice (each), then take a cocktail spoon or the knife put to the inner side of the stack and slowly pour 30 ml of Bacardi 151 so that it runs down the spoon (the knife). This is to ensure that the layers did not mix. Do the same with the second stack. In a cocktail glass pour 100 ml of cold Martini Asti, position it between the two stacks. Ignite Bacardi in both stacks. Dip in a glass of Martini Asti a straw and start drinking. Meanwhile, have an assistant pour in the same glass of flaming cocktails. Received triple the mixture is drunk to the rhythm of a drum played with two empty stacks. Drink cocktails on their own or together.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and 15 ml Coffee liqueur 15 ml Amaretto 15 ml Irish cream (Irish Cream) and 15 ml of Bacardi 151. Thoroughly mix the contents. Then strain the resulting drink into a pre-cooled stack. There is a second option prepare this cocktail pour all the ingredients using a cocktail spoon (a knife), so the drinks flowed along it in a pile. Thus, the layers do not mix. Ignite the cocktail and drink through a straw. We encourage you to drink fast before the drink is not too hot, otherwise you may get burns.

Pour in a stack of 15 ml of syrup "Green Apple", then hold to the wall of the stack cocktail spoon or knife and slowly pour upon it 15 ml of lime juice. Then in the same way, add 20 ml of Bacardi 151. Should be a three-layer drink. Set it on fire and quickly drink it through a straw to avoid.

Advice 4: Cocktail recipes with liqueur "Pina colada"

Pina colada - a drink based on coconut milk, white rum and condensed milk. The eponymous liqueur is an industrial version of the finished cocktail.
Cocktail recipes with liqueur "Pina colada"
Liquor "Pina colada" is rarely used in its pure form because it has a rich taste with a pleasant but cloying aftertaste. There are many recipes of cocktails based on this liqueur, which is a nice refresh, invigorate, or, conversely, relax.

"Peach jump"

Very invigorating cocktail "Peach leap" is prepared from two kinds of liquor. One "Pina colada", and the second any liqueur with peach flavor. Cocktail pleasantly refreshing and invigorating when consumed in moderation. In addition to the liquors you will need:
- ice chips;
- pineapple juice;
- lemon juice;
cocktail cherry.

At the bottom of a tall glass put ice chips. Pour 30 grams of peach liqueur. To it add 20 grams of "Pina Colada". Without mixing, pour 70 grams of pineapple juice, 20 grams of lemon juice. Garnish with cherry. We recommend that you drink through a straw to feel the taste.

"Pina Colada"

To prepare the cocktail of the same name liqueur, you will need only two ingredients: liqueur and pineapple juice. Mix 2 parts liqueur and 8 parts of juice. Garnish the cocktail with a straw or umbrella. To give the cocktail even more exquisite taste, you can add coconut and a spoonful of coconut milk. This cocktail is very refreshing in hot weather, has a rich taste and aroma. It refers to a category of alcoholic beverages.

This same cocktail can be made and stronger. You will need:
liqueur "Pina colada";
liqueur Malibu (or other coconut liqueur);
- pineapple juice;
- orange juice.

In a tall glass mix: 30 grams of liqueur each, with 20 grams of each type of juice. Mix thoroughly using tube cocktail. Be careful: despite the low alcohol taste, very good drink clouding his head.

"Kokomo Joe"

The cocktail relaxes well. It includes three alcoholic drink: two types of liqueur and white rum. In addition they will require:
- half banana;
- ice;
the orange slice.

Prepare "Kokomo Joe" in a shaker or blender. Mix 30 grams of liquor "Pina colada", 30 grams any banana liqueur, 20 grams of any white rum and a banana. Shake vigorously (the banana should be as crushed). Pour drink in a tall glass, add ice. Glass garnish with orange slice. This cocktail is alcoholic though, and can quickly lead to intoxication. The recommended intake is two servings.

Advice 5: Cocktail recipes with rum "Malibu"

Liqueur "Malibu" is one of the most popular beverages in the world and is a delicious blend of coconut with a Caribbean white rum, poured in the original white bottle. It is ideal for cooking a variety of exotic cocktails, of which there are many.
Cocktail recipes with rum "Malibu"

Cocktails with rum and juice

To prepare the cocktail "Acapulco" will need 60 ml of liquor "Malibu, 90 ml mango juice and ice. Ice cubes need to 1/3 fill a highball, and then pour in the mango juice and liqueur. To prepare the cocktail, "Malibu Paradise", you need to mix in a shaker with ice, 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 30ml cranberry juice, 15ml pineapple juice, 15ml of vodka and ice. Then all the components need to strain into a tall glass. Cocktail "Pineapple Malibu will need 25 ml of liquor "Malibu", 25 ml pineapple juice, 25 ml white rum and ice. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a shaker and sarovitsa into the glass. If desired, the juice for cocktails with liqueur "Malibu" can be replaced with cold tea.

To prepare the cocktail "Malibu Twister" with 30 ml of liquor "Malibu" need to mix in a glass with 30 ml cranberry juice 30 ml strawberry juice and ice, gently mix the drink. To prepare the cocktail, "Sunset", should be pre-cooled 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 150 ml soda "mountain Dew" and a few drops of grenadine. Then a glass to pour the liqueur, soda, on top to drip a little grenadine and do not stir the finished drink.

Cocktail "Peach Malibu is prepared from 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 90 ml orange juice 30 ml peach liqueur and 90 ml of orange juice. All ingredients were mixed in a highball, to which is added several ice cubes. To prepare the cocktail "Evening" in a glass put the ice, 30 ml of liquor "Malibu", 45 ml of liquor "Amaretto", 15 ml white rum, 60 ml orange juice 75 ml pineapple juice (in that order). The edge of the glass with a cocktail decorated with pineapple slice.

Cocktails with milk

To prepare the cocktail, "Coconut", you need to take 20 ml of liquor "Malibu", 100 ml milk, 10 ml white rum, 100 g of ice cream, and a piece of orange peel and a slice of pineapple for decoration of the glass. Then the ice cream mix in blender with liqueur, milk and rum, then poured the cocktail into the glass and decorated with peel from pineapple. Liqueur "Malibu" should be as chilled as in the preparation of cocktails and for self use.

To prepare the cocktail "Lady Jane" you need to take 15 ml of liquor "Malibu", 30 ml strawberry liqueur, 15 ml orange juice, 15 ml orange liqueur 15 ml liqueur Grand Marnier, 30 ml cream, some strawberries and some chocolate shavings. Liquors need to mix in a shaker with ice, juice and cream, then strain the drink into a champagne glass, sprinkle with grated chocolate and garnish with strawberries.
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