The preparation for injection

Diluted drug immediately before use, storage of diluted antibiotic is not valid. For dilution using sterile water for injection, physiological sodium chloride solution in ampoules or 0,25-0,5% solution of novocaine. In the latter case, the pain due to the anesthetic action of novocaine will be less pronounced. You cannot use a cold solution for breeding. It is better to warm the vial in your palms for 5-8 minutes.

For the introduction Bitsillina you want to use syringes with long needles. You also need sterile needles in individual packing, as the drug is diluted using the same needle, and injected it already another. This is due to the fact that the drug is rapidly kristallizuetsya and can clog the needle.

Dilution of the drug and its introduction vnutrimyshecnam

Required to wash hands, wipe vial with alcohol wipe solvent, to open the ampoule, to collect 5 ml of solvent. Wipe the stopper of the vial to the injection needle, gently inserted the needle and slowly press the plunger of the syringe to inject fluid. Pulling out the syringe, quickly shake the components after complete mixing, turn the bottle with tube down, pulling the syringe barrel so that the liquids concerned only the needle end and dial the required amount of antibiotic. Dose is calculated in the medical unit and may vary depending on the type of disease and age of onset.

After the medicinal substance is typed into the syringe, replace the needle to a new sterile and immediately inject the drug into the gluteal muscle in her upper outer quadrant. Needle is inserted as deeply as possible, leaving about 0.5-1 cm before the cannula "Bitsillin" enter slowly, without jerks. The last 0.1-0.2 ml are introduced to prevent accidental ingress of air into the muscle. If the drug is crystallized during the introduction, it is necessary to pull out the needle, to breed a new dose of the drug and introduce the drug again.

Before the introduction Bitsillina the skin on the buttock is rubbed with an alcohol pad that you can buy at the pharmacy. It is recommended to wear sterile gloves during the injection to prevent the risk of infection.

Injection put alternately in each buttock to reduce the likelihood of painful bumps. After injection, used syringes and vials are utilized, it is better to put the syringe in a disassembled syringe and a needle in the disinfectant solution for one hour, for example in liquid chlorine bleach. It is recommended to break or bend the needle so that the children accidentally found a syringe, are unable to harm them yourself.