Advice 1: How to dry your leg muscles

Professional bodybuilders are familiar such a thing as a "drying" of the muscles before the competition. She needed to give them relief and loss of water, which accumulates in the offseason. There are some simple actions that will help to effectively dry the leg muscles.
How to dry your leg muscles
You will need
  • simulators;
  • - rod;
  • - sports nutrition;
  • sports form.
Make adjustments in your training cycle. As a rule, long before the competition the athletes raise the maximum weight a small amount of time. All this leads to increased muscle mass and strength. But to dry muscle need a slightly different program. Find your optimal weight and make it about 10-15 times for one set. Rest less (1.5 minutes) and immediately proceed to the next approach or exercise.
Watch the reaction of your body during training. If you feel you can not withstand a set rhythm, take a break for a little longer than expected. Sometimes it is better not to stop to perform any exercise. To prevent the decay process can be quite simple: consume 30 grams of creatine every workout. Then the recovery will be much faster.
Perform the leg press. This is the first exercise where you should stay during the training. It is not as debilitating as the squat with a barbell. The leg press will help dry the leg muscles without risk of injury. Add each set for a few pounds on the projectile.
Do flexion and extension of the legs on a special simulator. Both of these exercises you can combine in one day. So you dry both of femur and tibia. Do them at a moderate pace, but do not forget about breathing. Follow the same principle of weight gain on the projectile, as for the previous.
Pay attention to the calf muscles. Elevate socks on a special simulator or with a heavy rod. Place them under socks small "pancake" and slowly rise to the maximum tension of the lower leg. Then also go down. This exercise can be increased to 20 times in each set.
Change the diet and water consumption. Some literacy exercises will not be sufficient for drying the feet. Eat less fat and carbohydrates, which are deposited in liquid form in the muscles. She creates volume.
Eat only boiled low-fat meat, like poultry and chicken. Exclude from the diet of fried, starchy and sweet. Drink less moisture throughout the day. If you consume 2 liters of water a day, try to drink about 1.5 litres. All this will lead to the achievement of the goal.

Advice 2: How to dry muscles

Bodybuilding is a complex science, which cannot be limited to mindless eating everything and sverhozhirenie training. Another aspect concerns the proper drying of the muscles. It is very important because it is indispensable in the preparation for competitions.
How to dry muscles
Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. From excessive consumption of pasta, rice or potatoes will produce fat in the body. The reason this type of carbohydrate is digested slowly and gradually moving in the wrong layer. Most of these products, though not fat, but excessive consumption leads to excess glycogen. Hence the problem with excess weight.
Forget about greasy food and pastries! Don't sit on off-season diet all year round. Of course, there are times when you have to eat unhealthy way on the weekends or for birthdays. But don't allow yourself more than 1 time a week!
Eat only healthy food. These foods include: cheese, fish, fillet of chicken, rice etc. of Course, all this can quickly get bored. Because SIM new recipes and dishes. Experiment and always try to do something new from these products. Also, use spices and seasonings. Doing all of this so you don't mention fatty or sweet foods.
Include cardio in your training process. It is particularly useful for drying legs. If you really need to dry muscle, exercise from aerobics 2 times a day: morning fasting and before bedtime. Before the competition you will only need to pedal the bike 1.5 hours per week. Increase the number of training data when entering the competition period.
Practice with the iron hard. Many people make the mistake of lifting light weights working on training and doing many repetitions. Do not in any way! Continue to engage with near maximum weights with correct technique.
Enter your results in a training diary. Write down the amount of food eaten and exercise you have been doing in training. All this will help to make quick analysis and correction, if you do not achieve the objectives for drying of the muscles.

Advice 3: How to dry the interior of the car

The interior of the car can get wet as a result of flooding due to heavy rainfall, etc. It is recommended to dry as quickly as possible to prevent mold and odor.
How to dry the interior of the car
Dry the insulation layer of the car. He is under the covering of the seats and in the event of flooding absorbs most of the water trapped in the cabin. Squeeze sound insulation layer and then thoroughly dry it in a warm room. If the street is warm, dry and Sunny, then it is possible the drying in the fresh air.
Remove the mats, wipe them with towels or rags, then hang up and leave it to dry. If all wet carpeted salon, use the wet vacuum to remove at least part of the moisture, and then dry the coating by using a fan, Hairdryer, heater or other equipment.
Get out of the car everything you can: seats, baby seats, mats, etc. the Lining can also be removed. Then thoroughly wipe and dry the ceiling, wipe off any excess water in the cabin with rags or towels. If the water in the cabin muddy or dirty, wipe the surface clean with a wet cloth to remove dirt. Seats and booster car seats can be dry in a warm room with a powerful Hairdryer or leave in the sun for a few hours to dry naturally.
If warm and dry weather, leave the car for a few hours with open doors. If the temperature is not high enough, remove the trim wherever possible, open all Windows 2-3 cm, turn on the stove and leave the car for 2-3 hours. In addition, the drying cabin can use powerful fans.
In that case, if no means of drying facilities are not helped, or the car has been left submerged for too long, contact the service center. Most likely, experts will be able to dry the interior and will help you to get rid of the unpleasant, musty odor and mold growth.

Advice 4: Why cramp the muscles of the legs during sleep

Every second person on Earth at least once in my life felt painful spasms in the muscles of the legs during sleep. These feelings are very unpleasant and interfere with recreation, however in most cases the causes of night cramps, non-hazardous and easily disposable.
Why cramp the muscles of the legs during sleep
Cramps in the muscles of the legs occur mainly at night. As a rule, reduces calf muscle, although painful spasm can be felt in the thigh and in the foot. These sensations are quite painful: legs feel heavy, as if they wore pads, and even after the spasm passes, the muscle aches for several hours. The spasm lasts for several seconds to two or three minutes. The main risk group are the elderly, according to statistics from night cramps affects one in three people aged 60 years and age group above 80 years has been one of the regular complaints about the occurrence of spasms in the muscles of the legs during sleep.

Night cramps can easily be confused with restless leg syndrome. This disease is characterized by a persistent feeling of discomfort in the legs at night. In this case, to facilitate a walk.

The causes of night cramps

Unfortunately, in most cases, doctors only shrug, because the cause of night cramps is still not known. According to one version of a muscle cramp due to the fact that in the supine position (especially with toned knees) it is reduced in length, and when you change the position we force it to stretch. It is this forced stretching of the muscles and causes pain. This theory explains the fact that exercises designed to stretch muscles, and also cause seizures. In some cases, night cramps, leg muscles can be a symptom of any problem. For example, some medicines have side effect of seizures. These include thiazide and loop diuretics (diuretics), nifedipine, cimetidine, salbutamol, a statin drug, terbutaline, lithium, penicillamine, and phenothiazines. Of other reasons you can highlight dehydration, salt imbalance (deficit or excess of potassium or sodium), atherosclerosis of peripheral arteries, alcohol intoxication, atypical disorders of the nervous system. It was also noted that seizures can occur in late pregnancy.

Become at a distance of 60-90 cm from the wall. Then bend and lean on her hands so that the foot was fully pressed to the floor and the calf muscle is well stretched. This exercise will help to relieve the spasm.

What to do if feet cramp

To facilitate is recommended to do massage of the affected area. Also helps stretch the muscles: it should be possible to pull the foot for themselves. Painkillers in this case useless, since, when the medication starts to work, the pain will pass by itself. However, tools such as the paracetamol will help to ease the feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the muscle, which can last up to 24 hours after the cramp will pass.

Advice 5: How to dry a pimple on the sun

Today, beauticians have not come to a consensus about the benefit or harm of the sun for oily skin prone to acne. In fact the improvement or deterioration of the skin depends not only on solar activity, but on the observance of human rules of tanning.
How to dry a pimple on the sun
Unfortunately, increased oiliness of skin and rashes on it can be annoying not only to Teens but also to young people and girls who have been out of puberty. Moreover, some of these people, as well as many cosmetologists and dermatologists consider that in the summer in Sunny weather, the condition of the skin problem can only get worse. Whether so it actually?

How the sun affects acne and oily skin?

Indeed, if carried out in the heat all day and not produce timely cleansing of the skin, its condition can only worsen. This will result in attempts to disguise the pimples, causing the skin thick layer of Foundation or hiding the forehead of the thick long bangs. In the heat of the skin on "hidden" so the areas of the face not breathe, clogged pores, excessively produced sebum, and as a result face a lot of new pimples. The same applies to synthetic clothing – wearing in the hot summer days can cause of acne on back and chest.

If desired, you can organize your stay in the sunlight, in accordance with certain rules, and this will result in drying of the pimples on the sun and skin improvement. Generally ultraviolet light can have a positive impact on the condition of the skin problem really and to be even more effective than scrubs, masks and lotions. As a result you get back from vacation with a completely clean face.

As sunbathing to dry the pimples on the sun?

First of all, don't forget that from 11 to 16 hours it is better not to be in the sun. Its rays in this period of time, particularly aggressive, and ignoring this rule, you risk in addition to earn more pimples and sunburn. If you are outdoors at this time, be sure to protect your face by wearing a cap or Panama.

Despite the recommendations before going to the beach to put on the face cream with SPF-filter, do not do this if your skin is prone to increased oiliness and promote acne and comedones. No matter how light and weightless not call your cream manufacturer, in any case it creates on the face of a thin film, beneath which the skin does not breathe. Be sure to moisturize your skin as often as possible in order that the face did not sweat. For this approach the thermal water, special cooling sprays or plain mineral water.

Do not sunbathe in direct sunlight and in the shade or under an umbrella. So you get the beauty of your skin the amount of ultraviolet radiation and will not heat the skin.

Follow the rules of tan, and soon you will see in the mirror tanned beauty with perfectly clean skin.

Advice 6: Sarcoma of thigh muscles: what to do

Malignant tumors are diagnosed more frequently on the limbs than any other places. One such disease is sarcoma. It almost always affects only one arm or leg, not exchanging for another.
Sarcoma of thigh muscles: what to do

General information about sarcoma

Malignant soft tissue tumors account for only 1% of malignant neoplasms. In men, the disease happens more often than in women. The majority of persons according to statistics, suffering from sarcoma is people 30 to 60 years. Other characteristic features of the area on the planet is not detected.

Sarcoma most often affects the hip and looks like a rounded knot of white and yellow-gray color with a rough or smooth surface. The tumor often occurs in the deeper layers of the muscles, but the growth of sarcoma manifests itself on the surface of the body.

Treatment of sarcoma of thigh

Sarcoma of the thigh is divided into two types – primary and secondary. Primary develops from the tissues of the upper part of the legs, and secondary – from other affected areas.

Sarcoma is treated comprehensively, using local excision of the tumor, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Surgery is a radical treatment is resorted to only in extreme cases. This removes the intermuscular tumor and surrounding areas of muscles. If sarcoma grows in the bone or blood vessels, surgical intervention does not help, apply the amputation of limbs to prevent further spread.

According to statistics, the chemotherapy helped to achieve the result of recovery within five years, 70-80% of patients with sarcoma of the thigh.

What to do?


1. the emergence and growth of tumors on the thigh;

2. the limitation of the tumor;

3. the appearance of the tumor, which grows from the deeper layers of soft tissue;

4. the occurrence of swelling at the site of injury after a period of from two weeks to 2-3 years.

These symptoms are a sure sign of the occurrence of sarcoma, which, in turn, may result from injury, heredity, virus, or chemical exposure. If you notice signs should immediately seek the advice of a doctor.

Diagnosis is made by biopsy, so the diagnosis is clearer. In General, the treatment of sarcoma is different depending on the degree of overgrowth and neglect of the disease. If you apply at the first sign, it is often possible to avoid serious interference. But if the sarcoma has already metastasized and spread, the treatment can be long, heavy and there is a possibility that ends with the amputation in rare cases.

So you should immediately at the first sign of problems to consult a specialist for advice.

Advice 7: Involuntary muscle contraction: the problem that can be solved

Involuntary muscle contractions can occur at any time. Twitching of the facial muscles referred to ticks, and muscle contractions all other parts of the body are collectively referred to as hyperkinesis.
Involuntary muscle contraction: the problem that can be solved

What is involuntary muscle contraction and causes

According to statistics, about 10% of children in varying degrees, suffer from ticks. The frequency may increase in the puberty of man, and with age gradually decrease. Involuntary contraction of muscles can also appear in adults, but their duration while in rare cases it lasts for more than one year.

The ticks represent the final stage of a complex process which occurs in the human body. Significant role inheritance together with genes increased neuromuscular excitability, as well as sharpening movements on my father's side, called impulsiveness (which the child displays tics).

An important factor causing spontaneous contraction of the muscles is increased irritability and internal tension that are accrued gradually, and not finding timely access to the outside. Sources of such internal stress factors are current devastating to the brain (inflammation, asphyxia during birth, any concussions or injuries), as well as neuroses and neurosis.

Arbitrary contraction of the muscles implies a conscious movement aimed at certain actions, attainia hyperkinesis (involuntary muscle contractions) that occur on the basis of minimal brain dysfunction, differ in duration, almost does not depend on external or any psychological factors.

Tics that occur as a consequence of neuropathy, not sustainable and depend on climatic or weather conditions (heat, changes in barometric pressure or lack of air). They can significantly be aggravated by sudden loud sounds, bright light, flashing before my eyes (while watching TV). When exhaustion tics may increase, which indicates a weakening of the immune system, which is caused by frequently occurring somatic diseases.

Involuntary muscle contraction that appears in the background of neuroses caused by psychological factors, namely increased anxiety. This condition provokes fear, excitement, anticipation of something, conflicts and internal contradictions. By and large, Tiki is a pathological form of psychomotor discharge.

Treatment of involuntary muscle contractions

Due to the fact that tics represent a difficult phenomenon to deal with them, it is difficult (and in some cases almost impossible). When involuntary contraction of muscles caused by any organic disorders or neuropathy, apply medication, and restorative treatment. Sometimes it is enough to establish a sleep and rest and the problem recedes. Tiki, appearing as a result of nervousness, take place after the complete cure of neurosis method of psychotherapy.

In the presence of involuntary muscle contractions necessary to completely limit your intake of sweets, provoking a strengthening of ticks. For treatment using drugs "Pimozide" or "Haloperidol" that accept only after consulting a qualified specialist.
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