You will need
  • simulators;
  • - rod;
  • - sports nutrition;
  • sports form.
Make adjustments in your training cycle. As a rule, long before the competition the athletes raise the maximum weight a small amount of time. All this leads to increased muscle mass and strength. But to dry muscle need a slightly different program. Find your optimal weight and make it about 10-15 times for one set. Rest less (1.5 minutes) and immediately proceed to the next approach or exercise.
Watch the reaction of your body during training. If you feel you can not withstand a set rhythm, take a break for a little longer than expected. Sometimes it is better not to stop to perform any exercise. To prevent the decay process can be quite simple: consume 30 grams of creatine every workout. Then the recovery will be much faster.
Perform the leg press. This is the first exercise where you should stay during the training. It is not as debilitating as the squat with a barbell. The leg press will help dry the leg muscles without risk of injury. Add each set for a few pounds on the projectile.
Do flexion and extension of the legs on a special simulator. Both of these exercises you can combine in one day. So you dry both of femur and tibia. Do them at a moderate pace, but do not forget about breathing. Follow the same principle of weight gain on the projectile, as for the previous.
Pay attention to the calf muscles. Elevate socks on a special simulator or with a heavy rod. Place them under socks small "pancake" and slowly rise to the maximum tension of the lower leg. Then also go down. This exercise can be increased to 20 times in each set.
Change the diet and water consumption. Some literacy exercises will not be sufficient for drying the feet. Eat less fat and carbohydrates, which are deposited in liquid form in the muscles. She creates volume.
Eat only boiled low-fat meat, like poultry and chicken. Exclude from the diet of fried, starchy and sweet. Drink less moisture throughout the day. If you consume 2 liters of water a day, try to drink about 1.5 litres. All this will lead to the achievement of the goal.