Go to fat-burning program. Over the winter you've increased performance in the bench press and squats. Biceps swelled, his shoulders have become wider. Say thank you to your trainer. However, the power programs and build muscle mass temporarily have to say no. At least until the end of the beach season.
What is the program that burn fat? First, it is a complex power movement to the muscles continued to grow even during the period of such training. Secondly, intensive supersets to burn fat. Dilute it all to a couple of any exercise to vary your workout.
Pay more attention to cardio. Running in the morning, swimming in summer ponds, Cycling - all that is fun, interesting and helpful. Waste of calories leads to burning body fat. Of course, if you're not going to recover these stocks due to improper diet.
Eat right. Yes, food is one of the most important items in the plan. Eat slow carbs in the morning. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, since they are cheaper in the summer. Do not make yourself a hearty lunch and dinner. Try to minimize the consumption of meat. Proteins can be obtained from other products such as cheese, milk, eggs, nuts, cheese. And in meat, in addition to proteins, many of the fats that you were going to fight.

Drink more. And not soda, beer and alcoholic beverages, and water. But water can pour a brew and juice, as natural as possible.
Follow the discipline. The above three points it is necessary to observe at the same time, no breaks, no compromises. Then eventually you will be able to achieve the desired results, namely relief of the muscles.

Lead a healthy lifestyle and set an example to others.