You will need
  • - a referral from a doctor.
If you are appointed to be tested for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), come into the treatment room on 3-8 or 19-21 days of the cycle, necessarily on an empty stomach. Please note that the first day of the cycle is the first day of menstruation. Men can take a test any day, but not less than 10 hours after a meal.
Similarly, fasting on 3-8 or 19-21 days after the onset of menstruation take the analysis to the hormone LH (luteinizing hormone). For the doctor it is important to determine the ratio of these two hormones, it affects ovulation and formation of the corpus luteum, normally it should be from 1.5 to 2.
If you are assigned to take blood for prolactin, note, it needs to be done in 1 and 2 phase of the menstrual cycle to compare results. Take the test this morning, be sure to fasting before taking the blood soak for about 30 minutes (or at least sitting quietly).
Blood for estradiol can be delivered any day, but please note, the doctor will assess the conformity analysis data with standard values for that day of the cycle and the levels of testosterone.
A blood test for progesterone draw on day 19-21 of the cycle. Remember, if your cycle lasts 28 standard days, and a lot more or less, the results can differ significantly from the normative (the doctor must take it into account when assigning the day of the analysis).
To hand over analyses on testosteron, DHEAS sulfate, thyroxine, antibodies to TTG, don't wait for a certain day or time, you can even eat before to go to the treatment room.
Before you donate blood on TK free (free Triiodothyronine), lie down for at least 30 minutes to calm down. Don't forget, analysis is taken on an empty stomach.
To not get a distorted result, the level of the hormone TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) definitely take on an empty stomach in the morning.