A blood test for HCG

Gonadotropin is a hormone synthesized in the blood women the cells of the sheath formed of the embryo. On the determination of hormone concentrations in blood based tests and researches on pregnancy. The normal value for HCG concentration is 0-5 IU/ml. the concentration of the hormone during pregnancy, rising sharply every 48 hours. In the first-second week of pregnancy the beta hCG levels should be in the range of 25-300 IU/ml. blood test for human chorionic gonadotropin, it is advisable to take 5-7 days delay expected menses to obtain reliable results.

Preparation for blood donation for research

The day before analysis is recommended following a special diet, exclude from the diet fatty foods, fried foods, alcoholic drinks. On the day of delivery of blood it is impossible to eat food, juices, coffee, tea and other liquids. It is permissible to drink a glass of plain water. If the day of delivery of the analysis was the need for food, should refuse blood collection and transfer the study to another day. To reduce the amount of physical activity, to eliminate emotional excitement. Immediately prior to blood donation it is advisable to sit and relax for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended not to smoke 1 hour before the study. Should I tell my gynecologist about taken at the time of the blood tests for HCG drugs. If necessary, emergency determination of the concentration of gonadotropin in the blood need to refrain from eating for 4-5 hours, after which a valid study.

Blood on hgch

To donate blood to determine the concentration of HCG can be independently in charge of any medical institution licensed to exercise the activity, or at the direction of the doctor for free. Blood sampling was carried out in the morning on an empty stomach from Vienna as a nurse in the treatment room of a medical institution or women's consultations and subsequent transfer to the immunological laboratory for conducting research on human chorionic gonadotropin.

About the results of the study

Be aware of false-positive and false-negative results of blood tests for HCG. High levels of the hormone in the absence of pregnancy can be detected in the reaction of the test substances circulating in the blood women similar to gonadotropin. The medication containing chorionic gonadotropin, infertility treatment gives a false positive result of the analysis. Reduced levels of the hormone during pregnancy does not disprove its existence. It is recommended to repeat the analysis a few days or weeks.