You will need
  • - car subwoofer;
  • sound wires;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - power supply from computer;
  • tools;
  • - wood for making boxes;
  • - the material for plating.
Think about whether to connect a car subwoofer to your computer for listening to music at home. If you have a flat small square footage, the installation of such a device it is impractical, as the audio has a very high volume. Glass in the apartment simply can not withstand the vibrations from the subwoofer and burst. Therefore, please read the specifications of the subwoofer and calculate the area that will cover the bass.
In any computer store and purchase a power supply. The fact that the car subwoofer is designed to work from 12 volts. Therefore, the required power supply to convert 220V to 12 volts. Find out what your subwoofer. They are active and passive. The difference lies in the fact that the subwoofer amplifier has a built-in passive it is not. If you have a passive subwoofer, you have to buy an amplifier. To choose the right add-on you will help sales. Just tell him the model of your subwoofer. Also find out what kind of sound card installed in your computer. It must be connectors of type "Tulip". This will allow you to achieve maximum sound quality. For an active subwoofer will be enough regular contact "mini Jack".
Take care of the subwoofer. You can make yourself a new body out of wood and cover it with any material. The power supply will set in. When you do this, be sure to thoroughly secure it that he had not issued any extraneous sounds due to vibration. The amplifier it is possible to bolt on the back side of the box. Next, connect the amplifier to the computer via connectors "Tulip". Subwoofer connect to the amplifier outputs. If the subwoofer is active, then you need to connect it directly to the PC using a "mini-Jack". Turn on the power supply. Check the operation of the assembled structure and enjoy the music.