You will need
  • - the audio cable;
  • instruction to the radio.
Connect your mobile phone to a computer radio with a wireless Bluetooth connection. To do this, enable this function on both devices, then from the phone select search. After displaying your receiver in the list of equipment will do the pairing, then this system can be used as a wireless headset with Handsfree.
The details on connecting it to your model of radio and input code device, read the user guide. Please note that when using wireless, the battery of the mobile phone sits in 1.5-2 times faster than in normal mode.
To make the connection, first you need to enter a pin code on both devices. For most phones fit unit, and for receiver 1-1-1-1-1, but they can vary by model so read the instructions carefully regarding the pairing.
Use special holders for attaching your mobile phone to the front of your car. You can buy them in shops selling mobile accessories in your city, they are also available for order online. In this case, this type of connection allows you to access basic phone functions – contact list, call list, TEXT messages and so on.
If your model of radio has the AUX, connect the devices using the audio cable (phone should have the same headphone Jack). Usually it is located on the front panel of the receiver.
In the connection mode in the phone menu select "Headphones" or "Headset". This is quite a convenient way of pairing devices, because the phone discharges much slower than when connected via Bluetooth, and functions are virtually the same.