If a DECT-device does not support the GAP standard, it is possible to connect only one phone, and only from the machine of the same model. Install a charged handset on the base, and then turn off and again turn on the power supply. Wait until the handset will not beep and the antenna icon on her screen to stop flashing. Now it is connected with the base, and the previous one is no longer involved.
If the device supports the GAP standard, the base can connect several tubes, and the pairing is done via the menu. If handset is incompatible with the base standard connector for charging, use a dedicated charging base does not contain radio transmitting nodes.
On devices company Panasonic to pair the handset with the base as follows. Find tube menu item called "Register handset" or similar. Select this. On the basis of find a small button to click on which a finger is impossible - it is necessary to use a fountain pen. If the button is not there, use the "intercom". If there is no such button, use button search a database. Press it and hold for a few seconds.
If worked the search function of the tube, so you held the button long enough. Click on the same button again twice - the first time short-term, and the second - for a longer time than the previous, failed attempt.
On the screen a form will appear enter registration code. Enter it. If you have not previously changed this code in-memory database, it has the value 0000. If the code 0000 is not reached, inspect the base on all sides - maybe the registration code is written on it. In case, if you find the code failed, please contact any of the official workshops of the manufacturer. Be sure to provide in the center of the base to the specialists are convinced that it really is yours, and what you are trying to connect neighbors.
If it turns out that the code was set to 0000, change it to new one and put it on the bottom of the base. Do not show it to neighbors, if they come to visit you.