Advice 1: How to connect DVR

Video surveillance systems are quickly gaining not only offices but also private houses and flats, ensuring the safety and comfort of their inhabitants.

To access data of DVR from a computer or the Internet, you must perform the following steps:

  1. In order to connect the DVR to an Ethernet network (LAN) you can use either the standard cable is a twisted pair, through which the DVR is attached to a network switch or a wire, compressed according to the scheme "cross" to connect directly to the network card of a personal computer. Typically, the DVR came with software that allows you to control it from your computer after you connect to a network or directly to computer.

  2. To connect the DVR via the Internet you will need a static IP address associated with the DVR, which should be the access control device.

  3. After connecting to the local network with access to the Internet, specify the name and password that will allow access to live video and device management.

  4. Now to connect the DVR to the computer located in the Internet at any point of the planet, very simple. Start your browser, enter the IP address of the device. The user will be prompted to download client software. After the download is complete can enter a name and password to access the data, and you can view the recorded device information. After entering the admin username and password, the user will be able to even remotely control the device.

To eliminate possible problems that may appear when connected to the DVR, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the data logger is set to save network settings and enabled web service.

  2. Verify that the IP address of the Registrar is available. You can do this by using the ping command: enter at the command line (invoked from the start menu — Run, or by pressing Win+R) ping, replacing the crosses value of the IP address of the device.

  3. If the logger is connected directly to the computer, verify that the network cable is compressed according to the scheme "cross", otherwise the device will not be discovered in the network.

Advice 2 : How to connect a computer to the DVR

DVRs provide convenient opportunities for surveillance of ATMs and retail properties, behavior of customers, and cashiers, as well as monitor the safety of private property and just for what is happening outside. They record video in acceptable quality and volume, then it can be viewed by connecting the DVR to the computer.
How to connect a computer to the DVR
You will need
  • computer;
  • software to the DVR;
  • switch;
  • - patch cords.
To connect the DVR to the computer, you must first correctly connect all cables, and configure the operating system. Connect the DVR to a network switch, and the switch to the computerusing patch-cords. You can connect the DVR directly to the computer, bypassing the switch, however, the twisted pair must be compressed with one end in a special way.
Insert the software CD for the DVR drive of your computer. Install the software from disk. Normally the installation starts with Windows startup. If the CD autorun does not work, need to run independently. On the desktop, click the shortcut "My computer". Next, select the software CD and run the file called Setup.
Run utility of videregistrator from a shortcut on the desktop or from the corresponding menu item. Read the help on setting up the DVR. Specify a folder on your computer where to save the recording video files. Please note the file size and allocate enough space on the hard disk. Depending on the software, videos can be handled by various utilities. It is also worth considering that this will depend on image quality and file size.
If you only listen to this device, selecting a DVR, you should pay attention to some important features: the number of input channels, the recording speed, resolution, type of compression, possibility of connecting external hard drives and IP cameras. Do not think that the DVR is difficult to connect to the computer, just need to do things right and alternately.
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