When thrush affects the genitals of men this disease is called candidal balanoposthitis. Usually a man gets from his woman during sexual intercourse. A clear predisposition to the yeast infection affects men who have diabetes, are obese or have a weak immune system.
The yeast infection has certain symptoms, so confused with other diseases. The woman with the yeast infection there is a constant itching in the outer labia and vagina. Male symptoms of yeast — itching of the genitals and a whitish rash on the tip of my penis.
The causes of the reproduction of fungi is different. People may get this disease due to prolonged use of antibiotics, weakened immunity, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, hormonal failure. One of the underchin may be wearing too tight of underwear made of synthetics.
A yeast infection usually has no negative impact on health, but it ifis mass is notatassociated feelings of discomfort and at times prevent normal sexual life. There are also cases where the yeast infection chronic. In this scenario, the already emerging problems with the bowel and bladder.
If you and your partner suffer from thrush, you need to take the urine and blood sugar. So you check whether you have diabetes.
For the treatment of thrush when youchange stages. First, patients prescribed anti-fungal medication. At the same time eliminated whenranks the occurrence of thrush. Then stabilize the immune system. Women, above all, normalize the acidity of the vagina. Men the doctor prescribes a topical treatment cream with antifungal drug. In the process of treatment it should be applied on the glans penis and foreskin with a thin layer twice a day. Usually yeast infection treatment for men does not exceed seven days.
Unfortunately, after a full course of treatment is complete relief from thrush does not always happen. So the woman may need to visit a gynecologist. The importance of treating the partner is to remove the fungus that is lurking in his body. After all, when resuming sexual activity, they can re-trigger thrush.