What is thrush and why it appears?

Thrush, or candidiasis, is a disease of the vaginal mucosa caused by the activity of yeast-like fungus Candida. Pathogen in the female organism lives permanently and does not issue himself until his flurry of activity will not be triggered by one factor:
• reduced immune system;
• infectious processes in the vagina;
• diabetes mellitus;
• abuse of douches, is fraught with erosion of the normal microflora;
• infrequent changing of tampons and pads during menstruation, leading to the propagation of any pathogenic microorganisms;
• long reception of antibiotics, contributing to the imbalance in the vaginal biocenosis;
• wearing tight underwear from synthetic fabrics.
In newborns, thrush can develop due to the formation of acidic environment, caused by frequent vomiting. Dirty toys and dirty pacifiers can also lead to infection.

Symptoms of thrush include the following phenomena:
• itching;
• discharge with an unpleasant odor similar to cottage cheese;
• frequent urge to urinate, accompanied by pain.

Whether the thrush is passed sexual by?

About 50 % of all cases of candidiasis have to use someone else's hygiene, fitting someone else's underwear, less – common dishes. This is because pathogens can remain on any items that are not washed and not washed properly.
Insufficient hydration of the vagina during sexual intercourse becomes the cause of irritation of its mucosa and weakening of protection, which creates ideal conditions for the activity of fungi.

But the main method of transmission of yeast infection remains unprotected intercourse. And only using a condom will help prevent infection during sex. If a woman is sick with thrush, the disease can be transmitted during oral sex, because the pathogenic fungus Candida can be located on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

The peculiarities of candidiasis in men

The male reproductive tract can be affected with yeast infection during making love. However, due to some peculiarities of the mucous membranes in men symptoms may be expressed not as intense as in women, or absent altogether. Hidden disease due to the hormonal background and structure of the male genital organs.

Such conditions are not favorable for fungus, and the man could not even guess that he is a carrier of the disease. In this case, diagnosis becomes possible only at the next examination at venereologist or the urologist.

Rules for the treatment of thrush

To treat candidiasis should both partners, otherwise re-infection can not be avoided. The use of antibiotics in this situation would be useless, since the disease has no viral nature. To fulfill the prescription immediately, preventing the development of chlamydia and other dangerous diseases of the sexual sphere.