What is a yeast infection

If a woman feels a burning sensation of the external genitalia, accompanied by increasing itching and cheesy white discharge, it may indicate vaginal candidiasis, common is known as thrush. At the core of the disease are yeast-like fungi Candida albicans, which, according to many doctors, in low quantities can be part of the vaginal flora. However, the rapidly multiplying it to the mucosa, they cause painful symptoms. The disease bears no special danger, but brings a lot of trouble. In identifying the first symptoms of yeast infection you should immediately consult a doctor who will help you to determine the cause of the reproduction of fungi, and prescribe special drugs and vitamins.
In the process of treatment of thrush some of the symptoms may disappear, however this does not indicate full recovery. It can only confirm the results of the tests.

Thrush in men

Candidiasis genital mutilation is not primarily a women's disease, it can be affected and the representatives of the stronger sex. Male version of yeast infection called candidal balanoposthitis. It should be noted that the carriers of the fungi Candida albicans on the penis are about 14-18% of healthy men. Most often the disease occurs in those who suffer from obesity, diabetes, and also has a weak immune system. The symptoms of the disease are expressed by patients in the form of a whitish rash on the glans penis, as well as pain and itch of external genitals.
Temporary abstaining from sex - the first thing you have to do in identifying the symptoms of thrush. To restore intimacy doctors advise not earlier than 10-14 days after a full treatment of both sexual partners.

Whether the thrush is passed sexual by?

Sexual intercourse is an integral part of human life. It happens that, even after learning about the presence of such diseases as thrush, people continue to have sex and infect each other, suggesting that the condom is a reliable "protector" from all sexually transmitted diseases. However, they often forget that many fungal infections, including candidiasis, it's easy to get sick in the process of oral contact – kissing from the banal to the intimate caresses. Candida albicans for a long time can remain in the oral cavity, since "feel" myself there quite comfortably. In the case of yeast infection even one of the most reliable means of protection – a condom — do not give partners 100% guarantee. In identifying the disease it is necessary to send a sexual partner to the hospital for venereal disease, not to live in constant fear.