You will need
  • - operational manual;
  • shovel.
The oven can be of two varieties: a freestanding small household appliance intended for cooking or rapid heating, and built-in kitchen sets and included in a single device − plate. Each of these ovens can be noted especially remove the door.
If you need to remove the door in a microwave oven, this operation will not take you much time. To begin, open the door, then gently press in on the clips on the body of the swivel bracket (right and left sides).
Then lightly pull the front door of the oven itself: pull it out halfway. After all these procedures, remove the door to the left and right hinge brackets and pull it up. That's it: the door of the oven removed.
To remove the door with the ovenbuilt into the stove, you do not need any additional tool. Fully open the door of the oven.
Lift the tabs on the two hinges and turn them. Then two hands grasp the door, gently closing it (not completely), pull the door itself: it will easily be withdrawn from its socket.
To the door of the oven to install, perform all operations in reverse order, do not forget the clips on the body of the hinge bracket.
To remove the inner glass door of the oven use a special spatula, which is included in the kit supplied with the oven. Insert the shovel into the hole located on the side of the door and slightly push it to the left (the glass is easily removed).
To set the washed glass in the door of the oven, place the bottom part into the plastic holders, then slide the glass to the metal frame and install the pins in the holders.