You will need
  • - drill with a drill on concrete with a minimum diameter of 8 mm or wood drill bit the same diameter;
  • - insulating tape;
  • - hammer;
  • - wall mount for the wire.
Climb to the top floor, find the screen shield, which is located in the stairwell on each floor, open the flap (if the flap is closed, the key may be from living on the same floor neighbors). You will see many different wires that go into the shaft on lower floors. Insert the shaft of the antenna cable and push it down.
On the lower floor you should help and ensure that, when the flap will appear the cable. When the cable came in sight, remove it from the flap. Then lower on the same principle to the next floor.
Note that usually all the antenna cables go to the roof through a special casing located in the flap on the top floor. On the roof of this shell is smoothly bent downward, so that it does not get natural rain. Push your antenna cable through the casing. Climb to the roof and connect the cable to the antenna.
Down a stairwell. Take a drill and drill into the wall through hole in my apartment, and near the slope wall, which is installed on the electrical panel, drill a hole so that you have the opportunity to push out of the shield wire. The holes should be at the same level horizontally.
Take the wall mounts for wire and in three to five places fasten the wire to the wall. If you are not able to hold the wire through the wall, due to the fact that it does not allow the layout of the apartment, take the power drill and drill and drill in the top corner of the box through hole.
The wire, extending inside the apartment, put down the doorframe to the plinth. If you evroplintus, then remove the inner bar and route the antenna cable through the apartment inside the plinth. After install the bar into place. If you have not evroplintus, make the wire to the TV on top of the wall. For mounting, use special fasteners or the electric box.