Create a plan for the relocation and stick to it. If you have a plan, you can keep an eye on your pet during the way the best way.

Visit a vet. Don't wait until the last minute! As soon as you decide to move, call the vet and schedule an appointment. Consult how to make the transition the least traumatic for the pet. And don't forget to make copies of all vaccinations that have been given to your pet, all documents and information that you will then need to show the vet at the new location.

Contact the airline and find out about flying with Pets. Cats and small dogs often fly in small cages or carriers with the hosts in the cockpit. Large animals may require special transportation. Don't forget to ask about additional payments for the transport of animals.

Prepare a pet to move. Trim it, wash it, cut nails. Pet will smell clean, his nails will be trimmed, and he can't ruin the interior of the car and you don't have to let a dirty animal into a new home. Think of short haircut for long-haired dogs. Also think about the grooming for the cat, as they usually shed heavily in stressful situations.

Pamper your pet in this difficult time. Let him sleep in your bed, walk him, play with him and give him his favorite food and treats. It will raise his spirit to the day of the move. Pets is the last thing people think of during the move. The Pets feel neglected and unloved, which leads to more stress and bad habits.

Check out new home before you let animal. If you have no place to leave the pet, keep him on a leash or in a carrier while first. Check your home for dangerous things such as fresh paint, sawdust, broken glass or bare wires. Only then you can allow your pet to explore a new place.

Place familiar pet things: toys, bowls, blankets.

Secure pet. After moving to a new place, your pet will experience stress for a few days. So it's not lost, attach it to his collar, a medallion with your address and contacts.

Play with your pet. Give him time to get used to, take care of him, play with him, so he took the new place as safe and friendly.