The necessary information

как перевести котёнка на натуральный корм

If you are going to fly in the company of his dog, should when booking or when buying a ticket, to warn the Manager about the transportation of the animal. Importantly, this occurred for the required 36 hours before the start of the desired flight.

как провести собаку в поезде

Transport of a dog in the cabin of the Airbus is only possible with the approval of the airline and the following requirements are met:

как провезти собаку в самолете

- required support pet adult passenger;

провести кота самолетом

- the weight of the dog with a transport container (together) does not exceed 8 kg;

как перевозить животных в самолете

- pet must sleep in a cage or a special container. Sizes for four-legged friend should not be more than 115 cm (length, height, width, carrying in total).

Passengers with live baggage" in the form of Pets usually placed in remote locations of the aircraft: emergency exits, toilets. Transporting the animal in an airplane, be sure to add in your Luggage pet first aid kit. At the height of a pet, anything can happen, especially if he travels this way for the first time.

The dog as baggage

When the throughput requirement (8 kg) in salon is exceeded, then your dog will have to take to the air in the cargo hold. In this embodiment, the size of a cell (or container) is selected so as to allow the dog to easily climb in full growth, and freely turn in it. The bottom of the cage should be covered with absorbent material. It should be waterproof.

Very carefully check the paperwork on the dog. Is the only correct encoding AVIH (read "an animal in the hold), and not for the words SPEQ (read "project cargo") with the addition of a DOG. Comments in the documents of the computer system does not perceive. In aircraft, the distribution of cargo in the Luggage compartment automatic system is doing it is encoding.

In the Airbus loading dogs produced by special regulations, in a separate compartment, and certain trays installed apart by the distance, etc. In case of improper encoding from the owner of the four-legged friend may experience problems when loading the Luggage.

Payment of the flight of a pet

Unfortunately, the dog's weight and packaging for transport is not taken into account according to the norm of free transportation of personal goods. Payment for four-legged Pets is always carried out at the rate of excess baggage. Free flight is only available service animals comprising the company and support their owners in flight.

The necessary documents for transporting dogs

For the transportation of dogs in aircraft the owner must have a veterinary passport for the animal. It should contain the following information:
- the level of need for vaccination;
help on chipping;
- information about the treatment against fleas and worms.

Vaccination should be made not less than 30 days and not more than 12 months before the flight. 3 days before departure need to get in Governmentii veterinary certificate No. 1-vet. It is issued on the basis of the veterinary passport of the dog.