Transportation of cats personal transport

To the far moving animal, it is desirable to prepare in advance. If carriage is performed by private transport, the cat should be given freely to move around, sniffing the area, but in any case not be put there forcibly. Try to carry the can after the animal stops being afraid of the noise of the engine and for the first time briefly, the travel time increases gradually.

Safety. cats in the car need to carry to carry, even if the pet is calm, it is impossible to predict how a cat can act in an emergency. Carrying sizes should allow the animal to freely stand up and turn around, there should be no sharp edges, and it also need to train beforehand.

On the day of travel at the animal wears the harness, and then you can put the pet in a kennel, the leash must attach to the handle, so the cat's been at the bus stop. During stops your pet should be given the opportunity to warm up, do not feed or drink for 6 hours before the trip and during. In severe cases, a few days before travel can begin to give you a mild sedative (selected by the veterinarian).

Transportation of cats train and plane

To transport an animal by train and by plane you need to start to prepare long before the purchase of tickets. First, the animal is taken to the state vet for getting international passport there are necessary vaccinations. You need to know in advance what shots you want to make for importing to a specific country. Also you may need to install the chip. In the same state vet issued certificate of health status of the cats (valid for five days) is exchanged for an international veterinary certificate. On the way back the same way you need to take help from the local state veterinary clinic on the health status of the animal.

In advance, you must obtain permission from the airline for carriage of animals and learn the necessary conditions for transport. Feed the cat a sedative before the flight, combined with the pressure difference during climb, it may cause death. Portability it is better to cover dark thick cloth, but so as not to block the air, the cat will be less panic. Litter or disposable diapers you need to lay so that their pet is not biting. Animal feed and water you don't travel 6 hours to her.

In the carriage of train documents going to be the same as for air travel, purchased baggage receipt. This is not to carry pet in luxury carriages and SV. Cats, like other animals, carrying in cars-coupe, while all seats are bought and paid for 20 kg of Luggage per animal and a notation in the receipt of"baggage on the hands of the passenger").