Pet carrier for cats should be large, especially if it is used over long distances. There should be free to hold a bowl for food and drinking. The bottom of every carry have to be hard. So the cat will feel much more confident.
Pet carrier for cats needs to "breathe". This means that it has to be Windows for the passage of air streams. These viewing Windows are also a vantage point for the animal, because cats are very curious. A good carry should be of good quality locks, heavy-duty straps and fasteners. Weak zipper on carry going to be easy open smart cat, but because of the flimsy straps, the animal may hurt themselves if carrying off the shoulder of the owner.
Materials for cat pet must be of good quality, free from foreign smell. Often carry for cats come in three types – a cloth, plastic and wicker. Cloth carrying light weight, small. They easily fold for storage and convenient for owners. In a fabric carrying the cat will be comfortable and convenient to go to the doctor or to the exhibition. Also, in such models, long walk in the Park with his darling. Cloth carrying not meant for long walks, the cat will not be able to actively move and get tired. Moreover, these models get wet in the rain or if a cat happens "embarrassment".
Plastic carrying case is convenient for traveling long distances. They are spacious, larger mesh sides, through which the cat is seen happening around. In such carriers you can set the food bowl, water bowl or even a tray. Plastic models are easy to clean and disinfect if necessary. But they are quite heavy for Hiking. Plastic pet no belts for shoulder, like cloth, so they are extremely uncomfortable to carry. Buying a plastic pet carrier for cats, choose models with metal doors. They are more durable than plastic.
Lately in pet stores, a model of braids. Such braided carrying environmentally friendly, made from natural materials. They with a rigid frame-like plastic, freely ventilated. By weight of the braids of light, and the size, you can choose any. But such natural carry much absorb odors, and wash them often desirable. Material wicker pet deteriorate from moisture, it appears in the mold, the wood blackens. Wicker containers are not going to save your darling from wind, rain and snow.