Before you travel make sure that your cat is healthy, because in a stressful situation, a painful condition of the animal can only get worse.
как перейти на натуральный корм кошке
Be sure to take care of that before the trip, the cat went to the toilet. Just in case, put on her special diaper for animals, which can be purchased at any pet store or veterinary pharmacy. Before you travel, do not feed the animal too tight.
что нужно чтобы провезти кота в самолете
Make the journey comfortable for the cat. If the car is stuffy, open the Windows or turn on air conditioning so that the animal could breathe fresh air. Don't forget to bring in the way of clean drinking water for cats.
Как перевезти собаку в самолете
Do not turn the music too loud, don't sing and don't talk with other passengers of the car in a raised voice in the presence of a cat.
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Make sure that the animal is not distracted from the road, the driver of the car. Ideally, transport the cat to the car should be in a special container or bag-carriage. If this device you do not have got constantly monitor the behavior of the pet during the whole trip.
почему собака друг человека
During car travel most try to talk to the cat with gentle calm voice. In any case, do not scold and do not yell at her, otherwise you may scare the animal. Let the cat snuggle up to you, of course, if you are driving to bury your nose.
Take a trip to something that will remind the cat of the house, for example, her favorite toy. Not the fact that the animal is going to play her during travel, but the smell of home will certainly affect the pet is soothing.
If you are too much worried about how to take your cat ride in the car, give her a special sedative for animals, the choice of which entrust the doctor-veterinarian.