You will need
  • company letterhead
There are several options for the logical completion of the offer. One of them is to insert into the document a table of prices. This information will be needed if the prices for your goods or services below the competition. Thus, the addressee of the message will see that you offer a really best for his cooperation and if he's a reasonable man, will respond to your call. At the end of the commercial offer write a few lines about what your prices are unique and no one else to kill them can't.
If your rates are standard and do not differ from competitors ' offers, try to find and describe several advantages of your company. Maybe it's fast delivery or individual system of discounts (the options can be many). In this case, make sure you specify a contact that could advise potential customer.
Completing the commercial offer listing useful for a potential customer of the company's employees, use of such a simple but clever move. At the end of the document, place the photo of the employee, his e-mail address and other coordinates, providing this data is signed by "Your personal consultant so – and-so". This personalization would be very appropriate.
If your company is not a newcomer on the market, we can tell. As a rule, the commercial proposal should fit on a A4 sheet. Fill empty spaces with information about the achievements of the firm (if she were awarded certificates, diplomas, financing, etc.). Select the most important facts. If such data are not available, briefly write how many years the organization in the market, a few words about the innovations in work, etc.
Another good option point in the proposal is the transfer partners. If you are working with well-known brands, to keep quiet about it is not worth it. Enter no more than five organizations, if necessary, decoding their abbreviation.
Don't forget that at the end of the commercial offer, you need to sign. The most common wording is "sincerely, ...".