The name speaks for itself: here is working with the staff, staff. Staff are responsible for the formation of the state enterprise. Department personnel must provide the organization with appropriate specialists, and to that end is staffing. Recruitment of employees is conducted using specially designed strategies: flow of information on vacancies in the media and employment, application of techniques of selection, testing, adaptation procedures of specialists and subsequent training. In today's world latest procedures have become relevant and are used in most large companies. But not enough to make a person to work. Employment, dismissal, displacement any employee shall be documented in accordance with the laws of the country. The correct frameOh documentation monitor, and regulatory authorities in the world of work. For each post should be written job descriptions, instructions, safety, and technological or production. All of them are certified by the heads, Department staff monitors communicating them to employees, conducts registers of the instruction.Remuneration is one of the motivating factors in employment. Modern departments personnel are experts in the implementation of systems of motivation. But the main objective is to correctly account for employees ' work, to determine the number of workers days off and sick days for payroll, vacations and presenting the information to the accounting organization. In addition, the division personnel must submit information on employees to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, insurance companies, Tax and Migration authorities, but can also be a confidant when receiving documents from these organizations. Depending on the size of the organization, the functionality of the Department personnel may be supplemented and other functions, e.g., organizational. Ideally, the Department should provide not only a correct document of the company, but also the success of her cases with the help of competent personnelpolicy Oh. Improving handling, motivation and cohesion of the employees, this structural unit enables many companies to reduce the turnover of personnel and cost of recruitment.