The normal number of creatinine varies depending on gender, age, weight its muscle mass. So, for men the level of creatinine in the blood on average 1/6 higher than that of women (respectively 71-115 µmol/l and 53-97 µmol/l). In the adult, the amount of creatinine does not change, since the muscle mass practically does not increase or decrease.In children the level of creatinine varies with age. For newborns with 1 to 4 day amount is 27-88 mcmol/l In the first year of life, the number drops to 18-35 µmol/l, then increased again to twelve years reaches the level 27-62 µmol/l For 18 years, the level of creatinine reaches normal value, the corresponding status of an adult.
All of their actions pre-arrange with a specialist. Self-medication can bring a serious harm to your health. Specialist, after examining your results, and will prescribe the appropriate drug, for example "Lespeflan" or "Lespenephril". Do not change the dosage and frequency of taking without the knowledge of the doctor.
I noticed that many other drugs affect the reduced level of creatinine. In particular, this figure drops after administration of corticosteroids.
Drink normal amounts of fluid. Both the excess and lack of fluid can be an unnecessary burden on the urinary system and body in General. An adult needs about 2 litres of water a day, but keep in mind your own requirements: in hot weather and active lifestyles, the need increases.
Fees drink to cleanse the kidneys. Of course, do not get carried away: respect the dosage, frequency and method of application specified on the packaging of the collection.
Except medicines, experts recommend to abandon certain foods. In particular, meat and meat products increase level of creatinine. Fish and fresh vegetables, on the contrary, it helps to reduce the level.
Natural decrease level of creatinine occurs in the case of starvation, dehydration, in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.