When increased levels of creatineina

The formation of creatinine occurs constantly in muscle mass, after which it partially enters the blood stream and then excreted along with the urine. Therefore, the measurement of the concentration of creatinine in the blood is often used in the diagnosis of kidney disease, namely renal failure.

In addition to kidney disease, indicators of creatinine in the blood can indicate following diseases and other causes of changes:

- diabetes;
- degeneration of muscle tissue;
- intestinal obstruction;
- numerous burns of the skin;
- diseases of endocrine system;
- a large amount of lean body mass in athletes;
- a large amount of meat in the diet;
- intake of drugs such as tetracycline and ibuprofen.

The reason for the performance gains of this substance is detected in specialized medical institutions, by carrying out the necessary tests.

There are certain levels of creatinine amount: for women this ranges from 57 to 93 micromol on one litre of blood for men, from 87 to 123 micromol per liter. Significant exceeding of these indicators is very dangerous and can indicate the presence in the body of any latent diseases, to identify which you want to apply to a specialized medical facility.

How to reduce elevated creatinine level in the blood

Most often, the improved performance of this material is the result of diseases, and to remove it is necessary to eliminate the cause – the disease itself. But there are slight increases of creatinine that you can correct yourself.

Primarily for the normalization of metabolic processes in the body needed to stick to a certain diet is to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits, meat products should be limited to a small number.

You must drink plenty of mineral water, as drinking plenty of fluids significantly reduces the risk of dehydration, especially when excessive physical exertion.

You can use the folk method of treatment and daily for one month to consume on an empty stomach in the morning brewed in a certain way rice cereal in the evening (6 tablespoons), pour water in the morning boil it until cooked and then eat the resulting mess. After that, it is not recommended to eat within two hours. After one month, the creatinine level will back to normal.