Creatinine is formed by muscle contraction and excreted in the urine. Elevated levels in the blood indicates improper functioning of the body. If the increase in creatinine caused by the disease, to reducing it will help only treatment of the cause. Kidney disease, the muscular system, problems with the thyroid gland – all these entails increasing creatinine. In such cases it is necessary to pass examination by a specialist who will prescribe the treatment. Creatinine itself will decrease as you recover.
There are situations when creatinine increase is not caused by a disease, but a way of life. If you consume large quantities of meat, the level itself increases. In such situations, limit itself in reception of meat and drink plenty of mineral water. Try to make the diet more fruits and vegetables.
Large and frequent physical activity also lead to increased creatinine in the blood. In this case also have to reconsider your diet. Because the body is dehydrated, drink large quantities of water.
There is a special diet that will help to reduce the creatinine, regardless of his reasons. First, eat more fruits. Especially citrus, pears and pomegranates. Second, either avoid meat or eat only boiled. As a side dish cook buckwheat porridge. Also we need to completely eliminate white bread. With this diet after a week creatinine in the blood will return to normal.
There is a folk remedy for the recovery of creatinine in the blood. Take 6 tablespoons of rice at night and cover with water. In the morning boil the rice and eat. For two hours after Breakfast, nothing is. At the same time completely eliminate salt from the diet. After a month of such a meal, your creatinine level comes back to normal without any medical interventions.
Remember that health is priceless. If you notice that your health is deteriorating and diet do not help, then consult a doctor. Perhaps the true reason for the increase in creatinine is a serious and requires urgent action.