First, whiten teeth, located in the neighborhood with those that will be installed crowns. Otherwise, to achieve color matching will be very difficult, and sometimes impossible. To find the right shade of porcelain fused to metal is much easier after chemical teeth whitening. Modern dental technology allows to achieve full compliance with the color of the crowns and natural bleached teeth. Crowns of metal-repeats not only the color but also the shape of the tooth.
If the crowns you had already previously installed, accept the fact that the color of the bleached teeth will be different from the color of the crown. Or install veneers. These thin cladding plates installed to improve the appearance of the incisors, and they are made of ceramic. Veneers have optical transparency and are presented in a variety of colors (white, cream, any other color) the taste of the patient. Veneers retain their color and no colored throughout the operation.
Use advanced products for bleaching at home. It's all kinds of gels that contain carbamide peroxide, water, glycerin and flavor additives. Strictly follow the application technology. Apply on the crowns of the optimum amount of gel and do not keep long in the mouth, a special mouth guard to prevent corrosion of the enamel of the adjacent teeth. This procedure gives the effect in 2-4 weeks.
Do not perform bleaching with existing high mobility of the teeth. Crowns for greater stability for you will be quite comfortable procedure, but the whitening will be absolutely contraindicated. It is also impossible to carry out chemical whitening if you have gum disease, tooth decay or any other damage to the enamel.