To make your teeth white dentists recommend eating raw vegetables or hard fruit is able to clean their surface. They act on the enamel of the teeth like a brush, providing abrasion. Most of these products cause increased saliva production, contribute to a better cleansing of the tooth surface. These include radish (radishes), apples, pears, cabbage, celery. The last of them, except for cleaning, and has a therapeutic effect because it contains unique essential oils with bactericidal action. Daily eating celery promotes healing of the oral cavity, helps to fight bleeding gums and accelerates the healing of cracks and sores on the gums. Those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines, you should use celery with caution.

To help whiten teeth and products containing natural fruit acids, a weak solution which is able to remove tooth enamel dark spots. So, it is beneficial to eat a lemon: it can slice to chew on after a meal (the same way you can use pineapple). One who does not tolerate such acidic foods, can simply RUB the teeth with the rind of this fruit. But probably the most popular edible remedy for teeth whitening – berries. The most effective for this purpose, raspberries and strawberries: when using teeth cleaned not only due to the fruit acids, but with small bones acting like the dentist powder. These berries can just eat, carefully chewing and some time keeping in your mouth, and can be applied to the teeth, pre-crushing, – so, according to rumors, does Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose snow-white smile remains for many an unattainable ideal. Berry slurry is necessary to hold the teeth up to five minutes, then this is a tasty medicine to swallow. To use this method should be no more than twice a week.

Weak bleaching effect have and liquid milk products: kefir, whey, buttermilk. Their regular eating has all the chances to make the tooth enamel brighter. Drink better at night, and 10-15 minutes after that, mouth should be rinsed with clean water.