You will need
  • - toothbrush
  • - whitening toothpaste
  • - whitening strips
  • - mouthwash
  • - dental floss
  • - toothpicks
To get rid of stains on teeth, you need to find the cause. Spots can vary in color, size, etc. for Example, white spots often appear when an excess of fluoride in the body, resulting in the development of fluorosis. Accordingly, in order to get rid of it, you need to reduce the dose of trace elements and to seek help to the experts for whitening the tooth surface.
Black colour stains on teeth can occur when using drugs with hlorgeksidinom. The appearance of this type of spots require immediate treatment to the dentist for the consultation and determination of treatment tactics. Generally, dark spots are the initial stage of caries, so the method of getting rid of them lies in timely treatment of caries.
Yellow stains on teeth are a sign of the emergence of Tartar or prolonged contact with harmful production. Also yellowish stains on the teeth appear when the erosive destruction of tooth enamel in acid or necrosis. In this case it is also necessary to seek the assistance of the dentist, who will select the most suitable treatment option.
First and foremost you need to efficiently carry out hygienic procedures that will help to clean the surface of your teeth from food particles. Such procedures include regular cleaning of teeth with special toothpastes, with whitening effect, rinse your mouth after meals. Self-removing stains with the help of the pharmacy means for whitening (whitening toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, whitening strips allows you to get rid of only a small and shallow spots. Such means grind the outer surface of the tooth, so for deeper stains require the assistance of a dentist.