Use professional whitening toothpastes. Myths about the unreliability of such pastes have long dispelled, they will really help to lighten the yellow plaque and give the teeth a natural white. The main rule - get professional paste in pharmacies or dental offices. They do not use it constantly, rather than one month to six months; the rest of the time use your regular toothpaste.
Increase the stiffness of the brush. The harder the toothbrush, the harder it fights dental plaqueOhm. Note that it also cannot be used constantly - there is a risk to damage tooth enamel.
Use baking soda. Once a week before applying the paste brush your teeth regular soda. Dip a water-dampened brush into powder and gently push RUB her teeth for 3 minutes. Then treat the teeth with regular toothpaste.
Activated charcoal also helps to eliminate yellow plaque. Crush the pill and with a brush RUB the powder in your teeth. Rinse mouth with water and brush your teeth regular toothpaste.
Often eat apples and carrots. Hard vegetables are not only developing the jaw, they help teeth stay naturally white. The rule is there is at least one Apple a day, so you get rid of the formation of yellow plaqueand dental stone.
In the frequent use of coffee and cigarettes, you should think about professional cleaning of the oral cavity. Note that this is not bleaching, namely cleaning. Dentist saves your teeth from extraneous contamination (plaqueand stone and other things) and they re-acquire their natural colour. Such cleaning is carried out once a year. Whitening eventually worsens the condition of the enamel due to chemical exposure, and gives the teeth an unnatural white, so he should refrain.