To adjust the chain, be sure to load it during adjustment on a motorcycle have to sit someone else. To check chain tension turn the wheel to the maximum to tighten the chain.
Then, using a motorcycle with a man sitting on the stand, check the Central deflection of the chain between the upper and lower division of the circuit distance should be 2-3 cm
To pull the chain in case of exceeding this distance, lift the chain at the bottom with your finger, and then a little lower.
Remove the nut that holds the wheel axle and the pendulum axle start to Unscrew the first half a centimeter from the backside of the nut (retaining bracket) and then tighten the force nut clockwise. Adjust the stretch of the chain with your finger, while her free course will be 20-25 mm.
Then check equidistant the ends of the wheel axle from the ends of the pendulum – guided by pre-applied on the axis of the notches.
When the distance is equal, tighten the locknut and tighten the nut fixing the wheel axle.
After that, adjust the rear brake, as when adjusting and tightening the chain brake bar is tensioned too much, and roll it back and forth a motorbike to check whether spun the rear wheel.

These steps are sufficient to adjust the chain and make your motorcycle faster, safer, and more functional.