You will need
  • key 10;
  • key on 13.
Check the technical condition of the timing belt. The surface of the gear part should have a clear profile of the teeth, not to be worn, do not have cracks, folds, separation of fabric from rubber and undercuts. Pay attention to the integrity of the end surfaces, they should not be rassoglasovaniya and stratification, allowed only a slight protrusion of the fringe fabric. Inspect the surface of the outer flat portion, it should be flat, not have cracks, folds, bulges and recesses. The timing belt should not be a hits machine oil. In case of detection of any defects, replace it.
Remove the drive belt of generator and pump, and then the top cover. Set first cylinder to TDC, to do this, align the mark on the crankshaft pulley with the middle mark on the protective cover and the mark on the camshaft pulley with the mark on the lid of the cylinder head. Unscrew the socket head 10 nut middle and lower covers and remove them. Unhook the spring, loosen the bolts and move the bracket of the tensioner pulley to the left. Remove the timing belt.
Check the mechanism of a tension of a belt. To do this, inspect the working surface of the roller, it should be smooth and have no burrs and nicks. His bearing should rotate smoothly, smoothly. Check the elasticity of the tension spring if it is weak, then replace. Put a new belt. Put it on the toothed crankshaft pulley and tension, put on a pulley of the oil pump, and then on the pulley of the camshaft. Wearing the belt on the tension pulley, install the spring, turn the bracket to the right. Keep the timing belt tight and smoothly rotate the crankshaft two turns. Don't loosen it when you stop the shaft. At this point, the spring will automatically set its tension. Lock the bolts. Check the alignment marks on the crankshaft and the camshaft. If they do not match, reinstall the belt. Put the protective cap and tighten the nuts.