You will need
  • - squeeze for Bicycle chain;
  • - pliers.
Disconnect circuit. To do this, set the squeeze on the chain link so that the stem pomace is located exactly opposite the pin. Rotation of the knob enter the stock in contact with the pin. Check their alignment.
Rotate the crank with a force sufficient to pin budged. Carefully vypressovyvaniem him up until his face will not be at a distance of 0.3-0.5 mm from the inner surface of the opposite cheeks (just to speak of it).
Remove the squeeze from the chain, exerting enough pressure. If necessary, use pliers with narrow sponges to disconnect the circuit.
Determine the number of units that can be removed. To do this, skip the chainbypassing the rear derailleur speed through the front and rear large sprocket. Placing one end of the chain on top of the other, determine the number of links that can be removed without losing connectivity of the circuit.
Remove unnecessary links. When you remove links, use the squeeze acting in this manner. The only difference between the operations is that in this case the pin can be pressed fully.
Connect circuit. When connecting the chain, place it so that the pin in the cheek, was sent in your direction. Swipe one end of the chain through the rear and front shifters and connect the ends by inserting a narrow polozone between the cheeks wide. The pin must match the hole in the hub a little bit and enter into it because it protrudes above the inner surface of the cheeks.
If it takes slightly unclench the cheeks, use a pair of pliers. When the ends of the chain will fall into place, the protruding pin should not allow chain to be separated. However, if there is a need to support the ends of the chain in the assembled position, ask someone to help you.
Press the pin into the hole. Insert the squeeze on the connecting link so that the axis of its stem exactly coincided with the axis of the pin. Rotating the driver tool, press a pin into the hole. Check the symmetry of its position in relation to the cheeks of the link. If necessary, adjust it to fit. Check the movement of the links in the connection. If it is broken, design the joint using the pliers.