You will need
  • - socket set and flat spanners;
  • - gas burner;
  • - penetrating lubricant of any type;
  • - puller for ball joints;
  • - metal brush;
  • - a plastic bottle of water.
Using the adjustable Jack, raise the front wheel of the machine, substituting the Jack in the right support of the body. Remove the wheel, put the mounting screws in the box so not to lose them. Put shot wheel under a spar beam for the insurance of the Jack.
Soak the retaining nuts to the steering of the tip penetrating lubricant. The strongest effect has the liquid for the boxes. Using a metal brush to clean off accumulated dirt from the threads on the tie rod and the stock ball joint, so you can freely remove the nuts that secure the tail tip.
Remove the cotter pin holding the retaining nut of the steering stem tip. Very often, the pin breaks when you try to pull it out. If it is broken, try to dislodge it with a hammer, a nail to the remainder of the pin. Not much harm to him, if he is not beaten with a hammer bend the protruding ends of the cotter pin in the slotted nut so that you can wear on the nut head socket wrench.
Regardless of the outcome of the previous operation, Unscrew the nut steering rod tip. If the cotter pin cannot be extracted, slotted nuts will cut it, when you Unscrew it.
Using open-end wrench Unscrew the nut holding the tip on steering draught. If necessary, use an additional leverage of the short tube section. If the nut can not be, and there is a tendency for the cutting edges, heat it using a gas burner. When heated, metal expands, and nut free. Loosing the lock nut of a steering tip, apply penetrating lubricant to the threads of the tie rod and stock steering tip for easier turn the nuts on the thread.
Using the puller for the ball joints, loosen the conical part of the stem of the seats in the leash knuckle. If the average values do not allow the puller to release the steering rod tip, heat it seat using a gas burner. Heating the metal, don't burn the duster of a tail tip. In any case, keep close a bottle of water so you can extinguish burning grease. After heating, the seats are conical connection rod easy disconnects.
Remove the rod from the leash and twist the tip with the steering tie rod.