This product is made from fresh good-quality eggs. With the help of special units of content separated from the shell, mixed into a homogeneous mass, pasteurized and dried with spray method. The result is an easy to use and safe product. In addition, the equipment on which it is made, allows to keep all useful microelements and vitamins.

Egg powder is widely used in the baking and confectionery industry. Also used in the manufacture of meat products, all kinds of sauces and mayonnaise. That can be done and quite tasty omelet.

Immediately before use the powder is sifted through a sieve, and then dissolved in warm water, the temperature of which should not exceed 50 degrees. For 100 grams of product, you need to take 350 ml of water. It is worth noting that a number of egg powder can replace 9 eggs average. Not to get lumps, add water gradually, stirring carefully with a whisk. After about 30-40 minutes there will be swelling. Strain the resulting mass. Use the substance it is necessary, the recovered powder is not subject to long-term storage.

There are many factors in favor of the use of this product in the industry. For example, increasing the hygiene level, the acceleration and facilitation of the process. An impressive reduction in energy consumption, since it does not require refrigeration chambers, the stability of product quality, space saving. In addition, this dry mix is simple dosage that it is important for automated production lines. Has a long shelf life (dry), quite economical, leaves no residue after use.