In culinary activities have become very popular product processing egg powder and mélange. There are several types of egg powder: dried powder of albumen and yolk in the same ratio; separately dry whites and yolks; dry scrambled eggs (equal amounts of dried egg yolk, protein and whole lowfat milk 1:1). This powder has the ability to persist for a long time due to low moisture content. Save it in a little lit and a cool place with humidity of no more than 70% and temperature of two degrees below zero. This powder is used as a substitute for eggs. The ratio of powder to the egg one to four.

Prepare a very wide range of different dishes from eggs, they are part of the diverse dishes in cooking, they are also used as garnishes. Cooking of eggs is different ways – boiled, the bag and hard boiled. For children advised to use eggs with low heat treatment – boiled.

A soft-boiled egg put in salty boiling water and cook, without reducing the fire three minutes. For every ten eggs you need three liters of water and fifty grams of salt. These eggs are put in special supports, they served salt, finely ground, and a piece of butter.

Eggs, boiled in a bag. Preparing eggs such as soft boiled, but minutes of cooking, increase to five. Serve them as boiled eggs.

Eggs, boiled in the bag without the shell. Deep saucepan filled halfway with water, add ten grams of salt and fifty grams of vinegar per liter of water. The composition must bring to a boil, break in your eggs without damaging the shell of the yolk. Cooking process to produce low heat no more than three minutes. At the same time per liter of water boiled down to five eggs. Served these eggs in a cold broth.

Hard-boiled eggs. Eggs put into the water (cold), so she covers them, and bring to a boil and cook since the boiling ten minutes. After the eggs cool in cold water. Use them for cold soups, starters and stuffings.

The omelet is those types – natural, stuffed and mixed with a variety of products. For cooking natural scrambled eggs mixed with milk, salt. The mixture is poured on a hot griddle with butter. Serve the scrambled eggs sprinkled with dill. Stuffed in an omelette before serving, wrap finely chopped boiled meat, or vegetables and seasoned with sauce. Mixed in omelets is the egg mixture with the addition of grated cheese, veggies and finely chopped herbs.