You will need
In advance, prepare the pan in which you will whisk the eggs. It is best to take a ceramic bowl or mug with high sides. It is also important to note that the whites while beating, increase in 3-4 times, so the dishes should be selected with this in mind. Well wash it and wipe dry. There should not be any traces of oil or other products, otherwise the whites will not thicken to the desired consistency.
Separate the whites from the yolks. It must be done so that not one drop of yolk was not included in protein. It is also desirable that in future the cream falling particles of the shell.
Mix proteins with sugar in the ratio of one protein in 3 tablespoons of sugar. Take should be fine sugar. Then put the mass into the fridge for about an hour. Cold whites whipped so much better.
Best proteins to whisk for a couple. Put a pot of water on the stove. When the water is warm, put it in a bowl with whites and start whisking. Make sure that the water from the pan was not included in proteins. The fastest protein cream is whipped using an electric mixer. But if you have this on hand, will fit the Corolla. You need to stir them continuously, starting with slow speed and increase it gradually. When the mass increase not less than three times, add salt on the tip of a knife. In any case, do not add salt at the beginning of the whisking, otherwise the whites will not rise. Also do not add any other ingredients until the cream is completely ready. Whipping proteins need to until they turn into a very thick white mass. Good protein cream should not be spread.
The finished whipped egg whites can be used for decorating cakes and pastries or as a filling in pure form and can be mixed at will with cocoa, citric acid, food coloring, raisins, nuts or any other Supplement.