You will need
    • Eggs – 4-6 pieces
    • Sugar – 1 Cup
    • Flour – 1 Cup
First thing, remove the eggs from the fridge. They should be slightly warm.
Choose a pan in which to cook biscuit dough. Best suited high enameled or glass bowl. It should be dry and clean.
Sift the flour, so that it is saturated with oxygen.
Line a rimmed shape paper. Brush with oil, sprinkle sides and bottom with flour or semolina.
Place eggs in a bowl and begin to mix on low speed of mixer until smooth.
A thin stream add the sugar to the egg mass. Beat at maximum speed until mixture becomes light and will not increase in 4-5 times. Take the time to add the flour! Time for whisking eggs with sugar, you may need 5 to 20 minutes.
Gently add the flour and stir until smooth. With a spoon, whisk or electric mixer on the lowest speed. The less you spend time on mixing, the better!
Pour the finished batter into the pan and place in preheated oven. The temperature should be 170-180 degrees. The mode is not turn!
The baking time of the cake depends on the size and volume of shapes. The less dough, the faster it will bake a biscuit.
Ready biscuit can be left to cool in the oven. You can get a biscuit and wait for it to cool down without removing from the mold.
The cooled sponge cake and spread with jam, cream, chocolate or condensed milk and serve. Bon appetit!