Advice 1: How to restart Cisco

To implement the control functions of the Cisco routers, there are many special commands that you must know those who directly deals with your hardware. To reset router there is a special team, and special customization options of this action.
How to restart Cisco
You will need
  • - skills in server hardware.
To restart a Cisco router at the moment, enter into control menu the following command: Router#reload. In the case when you need to restart the equipment after a certain period of time, but they can't be at the computer, use the command Router#Reload in 5.
Use the buttons quick access to the main menu of the Cisco router. For example, Ctrl+A is responsible for moving the cursor to the beginning of the line Ctrl+E – in the end, pressing Up responsible for contacting the last command from history, Down – conversion to the next.
In order to erase the previous written you a word, press Ctrl+W to delete the whole line, use Ctrl+U. To exit the configuration mode press the Ctrl+C to exit the configuration application of the current command, use Ctrl+z to stop long-running processes, press Ctrl+Shift+6.
To view the status of RAM, use the command Router#Show proc mem. Similarly it can be seen the CPU – Router#Show proc cpu sort. To reset the interface enter Router(config)#default interface fa0/0.
If errors occur with the opening of the session ssh/telnet when the server asks to wait 30 seconds and reset does not help, use the command ip tcp synwait – time 5 configuration. After that you will be available the waiting time for 5 seconds.
If you want to see what items are available to debug, use the debug command entry, and then press the Tab key. To run commands before input type the word Do after that. For Cisco there are many different commands and settings, once you've mastered that, you will be able to work with the equipment as with a normal home computer.

Advice 2: How to restart the server

If the server is configured correctly, then the restart may be necessary once in several years. Usually the server is only rebooted for routine maintenance or when replacing any of components. On the one hand, may not seem complex to restart the server, as it is a regular computer, only more powerful. But if the wrong approach to this procedure can happen. You lose all the data stored on the server, and disable all the hardware. This article will be considered a proper reset , the serverand the linux operating system.
How to restart the server
Click on the keyboard key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete
In some cases, the server may not respond to this combination. Then try to follow press the following combination: Alt-PrintScreen-S Alt-PrintScreen-U Alt-PrintScreen-B.
If there is no answer to these actions, you will only Reset button on the system unit of a computer.
If there is no response to this clicking, you just need to power down the computer and wait 15-20 minutes.
This sequence is due to the fact that when you restart on the power button of a running application is not completed correctly, and not stored all the data from RAM to the hard disk of the computer. And this, in turn, can lead to violation of integrity of file systems, hard drives or corruption database tables, up to impossibility to boot the server into normal mode. Therefore it is not recommended to restart the server a Reset button and a power button.

Also long known that if one or more filesystems are in a state of clean, and you don't want to they were checked on each boot, then type the command line this command: touch /fastboot. To find out what state your file system type in the console commands the following command: dumpe2fs-h. In principle, it is advisable to always check the file system, but the check can take hours and sometimes days. And wait for so much time is not always possible.
Useful advice
Some servers are not connected the keyboard and monitor. On the one hand, if the server works without problems, it is not necessary. For a proper reboot you need to connect all of these devices. If a reboot will be issued for any message or warning, it is desirable to copy or photograph. This will allow you to understand further about what I wanted to warn you a computer.
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