You will need
  • ADSL modem network address of the modem, the username and password to access the web interface of the modem.
To reboot ADSL the modem, sometimes it is enough just to turn it off for a few seconds and then re-enable. On the rear panel of the modemand find the off button. Press it and wait 10 seconds. Then restart the modem. Wait for the light the right LEDs on the front panel, and connect the Internet connection.
Sometimes it is not enough just to turn off the modem. Before shutting down you need to pull the Internet cable from the device. Then turn off the modem for 10 seconds, turn on and plug it back in. After sunbathing indicators you can start working on the network.
If disabling the modemand it did not help and the problem persists, restart the adslmodem via the web interface. For this you need to open any browser and in the address bar enter the network address of the modem. Default device ip is
After clicking on the ip address of the modemand opens a window to enter a username and password. Default user name - admin, password - admin. If the username and password don't fit, you must get this information from your network administrator or person who set up your modem.
In the web management interface modemom find a submenu that contains a reset command to the modem. Usually the menu is on the left. Select the menu item Service Tools, System or Managment, then click on Reload or Restart. In some models the modems the reset button can be directly in the menu interface.
Wait until will restart the modem. The LEDs on the front panel will turn off and the web interface becomes unavailable. After connecting the modemand the lights will be restored and you can continue browsing the Internet.