Go to the settings of the routerby typing in the browser or It is usually a separate button issued the Reboot command. To reboot the router, click this button. When clicked, a warning appears that during startup, the connection will be aborted. This surgery takes around 1.5-2 minutes. If none of these addresses the settings page came up, refer to the user manual of the router. However, sometimes you can't enter the settings because of a failure of the device. In this case, you will need to restart the router forcefully.
Often the design of the router assumes the presence on the rear side of the housing the reset button all settings and the so-called hard forced reboot. After clicking it a connection through the router is lost and this information is erased. Next you will have to specify all the connection settings of the router with Internet and LAN (if applicable).
Another option related to the category of unwanted, but working, and therefore have a right to exist is a forced power off of the router. To reboot the router, unplug the power cord from network. Thus, you will terminate all established connections. However, setting up the connection with the local network and the Internet, are set on the settings page, the device will continue. Turning the router back into the network, you will see that after some time, he will establish a new connection to the Internet, which can be used in normal mode.