Purifying alcohol using activated carbon, keep in mind that the stronger the alcohol keeps impurities to a high degree. Therefore, it is diluted to about 45℃. Water used soft. Spring water will be the best choice. There are two main method of purification of alcohol activated charcoal. For the first of them requires a filter whose body you can be made from plastic container (1.5-2 liters) for yourself. Just put on the hull bottom of a gauze pack and the filter is ready.
Before filling the filter with activated carbon rinse the coal with water. Once you pass through this filter the raw alcohol for the first time, you will get at the output of the alcohol, still containing the fine particles of coal and having a darkish color. Next, send it for re-cleaning.
Before repeated cleaning, replace the spent activated carbon in the filter with a new one. The more you pass the alcohol through the activated carbon filter, the more pure alcohol you get at the output.
Also quite often use other way to clear alcohol from fusel oil by using the same activated carbon. Pour into a container with untreated alcohol powder activated carbon, and then thoroughly stir the mixture. Charcoal take rate of 50 g per liter of alcohol.
Several times a day at intervals of about 3 h podrachivaya a bottle of alcohol, stirring the contents, then leave the jar to stand quietly during the week and a half. After waiting the required period of time, strain the alcohol through several layers of filter paper or plain gauze.