You will need
  • Mirror;
  • - alcohol;
  • - potassium permanganate.
The alcohol may contain various impurities fusel oils that are poisonous and hazardous to health. There are several ways to check the quality of alcohol on their own, at home. For reliability, it is better to use them all.
Mix 1 tablespoons of alcohol and as much clean, cold water. Quickly rinse your mouth with alcohol and take it out. If you feel the taste of plastic, so the quality of alcohol is poor.
Take the mirror and carefully wash the baking soda. Rinse it under running water. Leave the mirror to dry. Do not wipe it and do not rush the drying process. To completely dry the surface of the mirror put a few drops of alcohol. Now we need to wait until the alcohol has evaporated completely. The evaporation process needs to be natural, speed it up is impossible. When a drop of the alcohol will evaporate, and see if there's any traces and stains on the mirror. If no divorce, then the pure alcohol. If there are stains, it means that the alcohol contains oil, and the more divorces, the more of them .
Add in a glass of water a few crystals of potassium permanganate. Supposed to be a weak solution. In a clean container, pour three tablespoons of the alcohol, then add one tablespoon of solution of potassium permanganate. Next is to observe and watch for a while.
If alcohol will be painted in the color of the potassium permanganate for five minutes, then the alcohol is of good quality. If staining happens before then, alcohol contains impurities. The faster the staining will occur, the more impurities. The temperature of the alcohol should be 15-20 degrees.
How strong the alcohol can be determined by the alcoholometer, which is sold in hardware stores. You can also pour a little alcohol on the table and set on fire, stronger than burning, the alcohol stronger.