To clean gold jewelry should be about once a month. Then they will constantly delight you with its unique Shine. You can, of course, include rings, earrings, chains and other jewelry in the jewelry store. There is a service of cleaning them up. But it is easy to clean gold jewelry yourself.
The traditional way - rubbing a special paste, which is sold in the same jewelry stores. It is inexpensive, about 60-70 rubles. But you can do improvised methods. For example, put gold jewelry in a solution of soapy water or a detergent solution. If you wish, is to add a bit of mineral water, well it loosens the dirt.
Followed by 10-15 minutes to hold the jewelry in this solution, a little chat with them below the dirt away better. Then the jewels can be removed and cleaned with a brush with soft bristles. There is a special jewelry brush, but the fit and custom tooth. Now we have to dry the gold jewelry by wiping them with a soft flannel cloth.
How to clean gold with stones
Gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones should be cleaned especially carefully. For example, if a stone is stuck, the product can not be dipped in water. Pearls, corals, turquoise and other soft stones in any case can not be cleaned in aggressive media, especially in ammonia. Zircons, citrines, cubic zirconias, on the contrary, can be safely dipped in a solution of ammonia (one part alcohol to six parts water) and they will be even brighter Shine.
How to clean gold with stones
Versatile way to clean gold jewelry with stones - alcohol. The product with the stone should be dipped in alcohol, then wipe with a soft cloth dampened in soapy water. Then it is necessary to arrange the decorations to the remaining moisture evaporates or flows away, not absorbed into the basis.
Large transparent precious stones can be cleaned and so to light the match, when she literally second Pohorje, to repay it. Then break off phosphate head and the charred end of a match to wipe the stone.