You will need
    • Yeast
    • starchy or sugar-containing foods
    • water
    • the iodine or indicator paper
    • charcoal
    • potassium permanganate
    • devices for definition of strength and temperature,apparatus for distillation.
First, you need to prepare malt. This is the most time-consuming and important step. For the preparation of malt should be selected, clean and sort the grain (wheat, millet, rye, barley, oats). Then the grain to soak and grow. The process of germination lasts about 10 days, although rye and millet to germinate for 4-6 days. A good result of germination is considered: if the grain does not change its color, green sprouts, have the form of swirls and interconnect, the malt has a pleasant cucumber smell. The malt to dry and store in a sealed container.
The next step is processing the sugar - or starch-containing raw materials (preparation of the main mash) is In the processing of sugar-containing raw materials, e.g. sugar beet, sweet wort is obtained. The purpose of the processing of starch containing raw material (potatoes)– extraction of starch from the cells and dissolving it in water. Easier to use fruit or berry juices. They have to pasteurize, drain, cool and leave to digested.
Need a component for the preparation of alcohol from starchy foods - malted milk. It is necessary for the saccharification of starch raw materials. The malt is crushed and mixed with water.
To obtain a basic jam you need Horlicks to mix with water, the starch mass and heated to 58° C, stirring constantly. The process of saccharification to control iodine breakdown (in the presence of starch the colour of the mass varies). Sweet wort to check on the acidity of the test-paper, it should be slightly acidic. To the mash add the yeast and leave to digested.
During fermentation the taste of the brew changes from sweet to bitter-sour. The capacity of the mash tightly is not necessary. The process takes place with the evolution of temperature and the formation of foam. Fermentation is considered complete when the foam settles, will appear bitter-sour taste. On average, the process takes 6-7 days. The alcohol content should be not less than 10%.
Alcohol solution of high concentration obtained by distillation. This process is carried out several times by controlling the boiling temperature of the first mash, then distilling distillate (with a further distillation).
The final stage is the rectification (purification). Before cleaning raw alcohol to test the reaction medium and the alcohol content. If the environment is acidic, then it should be neutralized by adding calcium carbonate. Only then start to clean up the alcohol with an aqueous solution of permanganate of potassium, i.e., potassium permanganate. After bleaching solution is filtered and proceed to the fractional distillation. Received second fraction (food grade alcohol) to put yet another clean charcoal. After several filtrations alcohol ready.