Use the following method to transfer a large number of scanned pages from one language to another is to use the two services: the placement of electronic versions of documents online and transfer at a special website. First of all, you need to have on your computer the file itself is an electronic document or know a link to a resource from which it was copied.
Now start your browser, if you have not done and copy the following link (Ctrl + C) or click on it If you copied the link – click in the main browser window the top menu "File" and select "New tab". Place the cursor in the blank field of the address bar, press Ctrl + V and press Enter.
On the next page you will see form download pdf files. Click the "Browse" button opposite to Select a file. In the opened window, a dialog box appears to open the file. Locate the file of the electronic document, select it and press Enter or click "Open".
You should then put a mark next to Publish this document and to choose the time during which it will be available in the uploaded file. As example was used the book "Lori — trader guns" and selected storage period is one year. Click View and wait for the end of the boot process.
After downloading the file, copy the link from the address bar, it will look like this Now browse to the service of the translated text from Google.
Click on the following link and left the empty box put a link, do not forget to specify the translation direction. Then press Enter to display the translation.