The useful properties of starch

Potato starch refers to complex carbohydrates, the caloric value of 100 g product is a little more than 300 calories and makes up for 80% of the daily requirement of carbohydrates for humans. In cooking, it performs the function of glue is therefore used to impart viscosity to the solution in the preparation of sauces, jellies, gravies, etc. When mixed with water the powder starts to swell and increase in volume. But such a solution can not be stored for long periods, as it begins to flake and thicken. You can also replace part of the flour in the dough, causing the pastry is more crumbly and lush.

One of the useful properties of starch is its ability to lower cholesterol, so it is recommended to eat for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. The high content of potassium favorably affects the kidney and liver, at the expense of the body of excess fluid, which leads to various disorders and diseases of the internal organs.

In folk medicine potato starch is an effective means for the treatment and prevention of gastric diseases. With regular use significantly reduces the risk of ulceration of the stomach or duodenum. The action is based on the ability to envelop the mucous membrane, reduce inflammation and lowering the acidity of gastric juice. It should be noted that the starch improves the synthesis of Riboflavin, which is necessary for proper functioning of the digestive tract and metabolic processes.

The contents of calcium and phosphorus in starch is useful for bones, hair, nails and teeth. Zero fat diet allows you to eat people with excessive body weight and relatively high concentration of unrefined carbohydrates helps to prevent the development of tumors and the growth of pathogenic cells.

If starch is harmful to humans?

In the frequent use of potato starch is accumulated and unspent energy. This gradually leads to the formation of fat cells, so not recommended for people suffering from overweight.

Starch can enter the body in two ways:
- in the process of eating dishes made from potatoes;
- ready to use powder.

Of course, the second method is less helpful, as we use technology, that result in modifications to the product. This increases the risk of atherosclerosis, hormonal balance, problems with vision, etc. of Any modified product leads to increased threats of various diseases. People actively use such starch, more often suffer from disorders in the pancreas.