How to make corn starch

To extract starch from corn grains, previously cleaned of dust, straw and other foreign materials, and then allowed to stand for about 50 hours in a hot solution of sulphurous acid. Due to this soluble protein, with which starch is associated with each other in the grains.

After that the corn kernels are crushed to separate the embryo, and further ground for the separation of fiber and starch milk in special centrifuges. The starch milk passes through multi-stage washing with water to remove residual protein, then dehydrated and thoroughly dried. As a result of such manipulations, it turns out high quality corn starch.

As it is possible to use corn starch

Due to its properties, starch is used in food industry as thickener and stabilizer. Corn starch is considered the most delicate, so it is usually added in the case if you want to create a really light consistency. Best of all it goes well with milk – it can be used for making creamy sauces, desserts, dairy jelly or jelly.

To get a Cup of the product of average density, it is necessary to dissolve 1 teaspoon cornstarch in 1 tablespoon cold water and stir thoroughly. Then the starch mixture is mixed with 50 ml of hot water, milk or broth and add to the dish at the end of cooking. This method of breeding the starch helps to prevent the formation of lumps. To change the density of the solution, the amount of starch should be increased or reduced by half.

In addition, corn starch can be added in the dough – it helps make the cakes more airy due to the absorption of excess moisture. For this purpose it should be mixed with sugar or flour. However, when you add corn starch to knead the dough for dairy products or milk.

Also corn starch suitable for use in cosmetic purposes. From it, for example, can be made whitening mask. To do this, mix 1 tablespoon of this product and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide 5%. Keep this mask on the face should not be more than 15 minutes, then you need to wash and apply on skin moisturizer.

Use corn starch

Corn starch not only helps to improve the consistency of food, but also brings benefits to the body. It contains vitamin PP, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. This product has a beneficial effect on the state of the nerve cells and stimulates the formation of muscle mass.