You will need
  • - acid compositions;
  • - a solution of sodium hydrosulfite;
  • - soda ash;
  • - potash;
  • - lime.
Please choose the appropriate bleaching agent. Often use bleach, oxalic acid, hydrogen peroxide or a peroxide of titanium. It only works with complex compositions, and this is justified because the mixture is much faster to penetrate into the fibers and remove the pigment.
Treat the surface of the Board 20%-s ' solution of sodium hydrosulfite. Leave for a period of not more than a day and cover with a layer of a solution of oxalic acid. After 5 minutes the acid must be washed off with water.
Cleans the surface of the wood after the bleaching treatment, raises the NAP and removes resin the following composition of 15 grams of chloride of lime, 30 grams of soda ash, dissolved per 100 grams of water. To prepare such a composition can be on their own. Dissolve in warm water right amount of baking soda, let cool and add bleach. After treatment with this solution the wood is again washed with water.
Effective discolor wood 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Before applying this solution, DAB the surface with hot water, dry and proceed with the processing of a 10% solution of ammonia.
Remarkably whitens the wood of deciduous breeds and highlights the wood texture milk of lime. To get it, you need 10 grams of baking soda and 80 g of bleach diluted in 350 g of water and hold the mixture in the dark for about two days.
For enhanced and rapid whitening can be used the following composition: 20 g of sulfuric acid, 15 g of oxalic acid – 15, 25 g of sodium peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide -10 g) dilute to 1 liter. When working with the composition, use caution. Work in a hazmat suit, rubber gloves and a respirator.
Shallow bleaching produce a composition of 40 g of potassium carbonate, 150 g of chlorine, 1000 g of water. Apply the mixture to the wood in the course of the fibers with a wide brush or roller and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash a small area of the wood and evaluate the results. If the color of the wood you are satisfied, rinse the Board with water.
For discoloration, use citric or acetic acid, previously diluted with water at the rate of 50 g acid per 1 liter of water.