You will need
  • water;
  • -gidroperit;
  • -hozyaystvennoe soap;
  • -rubber gloves.
You need tablets gidroperita rate of 200 pieces per liter of water. In solution of tablets you need to soak the yellowed plastic parts. Soaking time depends on the degree of yellowing plastic. This method is likely not suitable for large frames, otherwise you'll have to buy gidroperit all pharmacies in the County. The same method can be used to clean plastic and with the help of hydrogen peroxide with a stabilizing additive, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
Another recipe is based on a pharmacy perhydrol. You will also need soap, powdered bleach, rubber gloves. In a suitable size container prepare a solution of perhydrol, stain remover, and then a little bleach. The reaction from the addition of bleach will foam, so pour a bit to the solution much not foamed.
Detail wash soap, then dip it into the solution. The reaction will speed up the illumination with ultraviolet rays. It is very important to avoid heat reaction. Hands in the solution was lower only in gloves!
Safer ways to prescribe to RUB the surface of the plastic with a wet cloth, liberally sprinkled with cleaning Chistol or Pegoxol. Still need gloves to aggressive household chemicals will not hurt the skin.
You can soak the yellowed plastic in chlorine bleach (preferably in some kind of strong, like the old White). then carefully RUB the metal with a sponge or brush with cleaner, again, such Pamokos. At the end of the procedure to handle plastic Polish.
Some people suggest to use glass cleaner monitors or industrial alcohol, which actually removes the top layer of plastic. Rather controversial method except that the alcohol must first find that the work itself requires great care and painstaking.
As you can see, ways to whiten bright plastic a lot, but it is better to avoid yellowing and to protect plastic surfaces from sunlight and heat.